And so the closed season begins


Pete is way out in front as usual,but seeing his pics have given me a gee up to start on a build of my own

Fresh from the oven 30 mins at 180degrees
Mrs Bif can’t bake like this


I am intrigued bif, vtr1000 calipers, what coating are you using on them, it certainly looks crisp ?


I’ve been using this XHT graphite paint
As prep is the key to a good finish,I had the calipers vapour blasted then 3 coats of this paint.It is applied to bare metal and once dried baked off in the oven for a rock hard finish.
I have used this on my R calipers too and the finish is lasting well.
Regards Bif


So now all the stainless parts have arrived it’s on with assembly
I’m using an all balls overhaul kit along with new pistons and lashings of
Which makes fitting the pistons a breeze
Bolt the two halves together then in with some HH EBC pads and voila
The forks for this bike are ready too fitted with valve emulators and preload adjusters on the top,can’t wait for the frame to come back so I can start hanging bits onto it.
Regards Bif


looking good bif.


Top notch mate, looking extremely tasty…


You are some time ahead. I just made an investigations what parts fit into my VFR and started ordering. Some parts already arrived:


What would you suggest: painting or powdercoating for calipers and fork?


I would go with powder coating on the forks but stick with paint on the calipers,powder coat is a lot thicker than paint and can cause issues with clearance on sliding parts also lifts off if in contact with brake fluid.
Just my personal findings Faxe.
Regards Bif