Breaking complete 1987 VF1000F

Well guy i have decided to break the VF1000F as i am fed up with the hassle of it

Trying to get some money back so i can buy another one that a friend of mine has for sale

Willing to post worldwide but other than the UK items that weigh more than 2kg is very expensive

Here she is

I also have the engine but it’s all taken apart

I’m after LEFT HAND SWITCHGEAR and RIGHT HAND FORK CAP please. Postage to New Zealand.
You can e-mail me direct -

Hey I’m looking for some cylinder head cover bolts, a fuel position sensor, carb boots w/ clamps, and a fuel hose if you have any of that. Let me know what those would cost - I’m in the US so not sure how much it’d be to ship. Thanks!

Hiya, I’ll have a look tomorrow when i’m back in the workshop and i let you know then, Thanks

Hiya, I’ll have a look tomorrow when i’m back in the workshop and i let you know then, Thanks

Cool thanks. I might also need a new starter motor if you have it :slight_smile:

Just wondered if you’d had any luck with switch / fork cap. Thanks.

Very Sorry Lad

I’ve being up the walls

yes i have the left switchgear but no fork cap

£30 including postage

if your interested

paypal to cmb (at) outlook (dot) ie


Awesome. Yep I’ll take please. Will sort out payment during week and drop you a PM with delivery details.

Much appreciated.

No Problem

Thank you

Hi Halfmad, have sent you a pm. :slight_smile:

I may not be able to get pm’s yet

i’ll send you an email

Hey, I got most of the other parts but still need a starter idle gear. Can you let me know if you have that and if so, what it would cost?

Yes i should have it i’ll have a look in the morning, Thanks

Thanks. I attached a pic of what I’m looking for in case the term I used is wrong or colloquial. I’ll also need the pin that should be sticking in through the middle. Let me know what you find :slight_smile:

I would be interested in the right hand side panel. What is the rear mounting like?

The panel is in great condition but the bloody rear mounting is missing from it

Just my luck >:(

Any update on the gear?

Sorry about the delay

Yes i have it and i have the pin with it

How does £20 sound including postage

paypal to cmb (at) outlook (dot) ie if your interested


Sounds good! Just sent the money via Paypal. Let me know if you have any issues. Thanks again :slight_smile: