Cbr600 conversion route

Hi everybod,
Long times since I was on here, I still have my lovely vf1000 intercepter, I am looking at the cbr wheel change as no matter what I do the vf still manages to scare the 4 letter words out of me, so I have been checking and reading and concluded that a better set of wheels for some good tyres and better brakes is whats needed, still love the engine and the looks of the old bird .
Can anyone tell me exactly what I need to get to do this conversion, I know wheels, sprockets etc but do I need the forks?, rear brake caliper and hanger? bushings anywhere?. If you have the time to go over what has probably been said a 100000000000000000000000000 times I would appreciate it.

Hi Nigel,it’s a pretty easy job.
Front use an F2 wheel swap bearings to 6203 2RS replace centre bush with one the same length but with 15mm clearance bore.
Remove 2mm from the outside face of the VF speedo gearbox and straighten the tangs out on the VF speedo drive(held in place by the oil seal)
An 8mm bush is required for the right side of the wheel then it’s straight in.
Rear use an F2 4.5 inch rim.
Drive flange needs 10mm removed from the sprocket mounting face and a 10mm bush.
Brake side I use a 10mm bush then a calipers mounting bracket from a CBR400 Aero bored out to 20mm clearance then a 20mm bush.
The standard torque arm bolts directly on and the VF caliper is also a direct fit.
Plenty of tyre choice in 120/70 and 160/60 sizes.
I am using Bridgestone BT016 pros at present,phenomenal grip wet or dry and a good buy at £126 the pair.
Regards Bif

Hi, Thanks for all that info Bif, It seems to be an easy enough winter project when I can fit in the time, hopefully a better handling and updated bike will come out the other end.
I will now start to put the parts together , a donor cbr 6 from ebay will be the best option and then flog the rest of the bike that I dont need.

OR buy the wheels, rear disc and caliper.
Available on eBay for around £150
Regards Bif

Thanks for the latest bif, I also know how to mig weld as I did for a few years in Canada and here in Brit, I would rather trust a lump of aluminium than rely on a weld so your route would be best , dont want to risk brake failures!
I see now that your way of buying the parts separate on ebay seems the most cost effective so I will now try to gather everything I need so I can get this hybrided out for the summer.
Dont know what it is but this bike keeps my interest and enjoyment despite its 80s handling , the shadow of cam trouble looming over head and a 1000cc motor that has the power of a 600, but it still is a great looking torque monster with prody racing looks. I have had many bikes and have a few now that are all better but I think this bike will be the last to go.
I guess only vf1000 owners would understand.
Thanks for your help mate.

They do get under your skin.I am of the same mind as yourself,as is my brother,if a bike had to go it would in all probability be my blackbird and Johns 1200 cross tourer.
The wheel conversion will save you in the region of 3kgs unsprung weight which is massive in terms of what the suspension has to cope with.
The choice of tyres is also huge and the combo really does transform the old gal
Best regards Bif

Hey Bif, there is a really good condition wheel with excellent tyre and disc with bearings for £85.00 do I need the whole lot or does my sprocket carrier do the job with a shave off it.
thanks Nigel

Got the cbr400 aero caliper bracket, just trying to get the rear wheel now.Nigel

Hi again Bif, sorry about all this.
I have now got the rear wheel, its straight but wheel only and needs painting,(£20.00), I will get the disc from ebay too.(£15 pattern new, or £20 honda used)
Do I need a cbr sprocket carrier and sprocket and cush or do I use the vf parts to fit in the cbr wheel?
I have the brake bracket.
I just need the front wheel now and I have good discs on the vf so I am guessing they will go straight on. bearings are cheap enough.
Thanks Nigel

I would go for the cbr sprocket carrier,normally £15 gets one.
Part of the weight you save is in the sprocket,cbr one is lighter.
Front is straightforward enough and I would always change the bearings anyway.
It’s no problem asking that’s the whole idea of the Forum.

Hi Bif,
I have the rear caliper hanger, the rear wheel with sprocket and carrier and the disc, I can get a good front wheel but it doesnt have discs, will the vf discs fit onto the cbr front wheel?

Straight swap Nigel

Thanks bif, I should have all the parts for this before the week end is out, then its altering the bushings and speedo drive etc, if I can make room in my garage I will start work soon when the weather warms a bit.
I will keep you posted on the progress
but will have it done before spring.
Thanks for your knowledge and help.

Hi Bif,
I am looking at a really nice wheel with a good tyre on it, but its off a 1992 vfr750, it looks near identical but I am not sure about hub width , speedo drive and disc hole alignment size, some people have advertised the wheels as vfr750 1992/ cbr 600f2 so they seem to think they will be the same.
Do you have any knowledge on the compatability?

Hi Bif, I have now purchased a cbr600 f2 rear wheel so apart from the bushings and the alteration work I am all set.
I was a little worried about using the vfr 750 wheel as it looked like a different speedo drive ste up, the rest might have worked I dont know but its a shame as it was perfect with discs and a new tyre for £70.00 but never mind Im set now.I would still like your feed back on my decision if you could please.

Almost positive they are the same wheel,but sounds like you are sorted anyway.
A few of us are heading down to Newark weekend of 5/6 January for the bike show.
Be great to meet up if you are available
Best regards Bif

Hi Bif, sounds like the vfr wheel was the better buy but I looked on ebay and saw that the speedo drive didnt look like the vf1000f at all, could this have been changed? if so I could possibly cancell the scruffier cbr wheel and get the vfr one, please let me know your thoughts on this as it is still a 96p wheel but I was a little afraid of the speedo thing.

I would have loved to have come down to meet you guys but I wont have the bike ready by then and we have visitors over xmas which will slow me down, If you have another meeting in the spring or summer please let me know and I will bring the old lady down.

Thanks for the invite mate I appreciate it greatly.

Remember you are using the VF speedo drive so the VF’s one looking different isn’t an issue.
We won’t be taking bikes down to Newark at least I won’t,not enough carrying capacity if something takes my fancy.
We are at present arranging a trip to Ireland,anyone interested is more than welcome to tag along.
We normally firm up the numbers a couple of months in advance in order to book accommodation.
Next years dates are May 10th to12/13 depending on what time everyone has.
Regards Bif

Hi Bif, thought I would take a bit of time and send in some pics of my present bikes, they change alot but these are the ones that have stuck around for a long time.
The vf is on show at driffield bike festival summer 2017, note the stickers , I was trying to go for a prody racer kind of look, the jury is still out on whether they stay or I get the hair dryer out and peeeeel.
Also the 4 into 2 GP racer exhausts sound awesome and havnt done anything I can notice to the performance, and they were 2 for £50.00 brand new stainless steel, the sound is like an RC30 screaming round the track but very quiet when revs are low.

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Forgot to say the pics are on the gallery

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