Cbr600 conversion route

Hi vf boys, Ive been concentrating on other things for a couple of years now so the VF just sat there under a cover, It took a while starting as it was full of old fuel that needed purging,but it now throbs once again.
My question is to BIF the holder of all things wise with the vf.
I am now in a position to start my cbr wheel conversion once again, I am looking at the sprockets
and see in an older post you said to remove 10mm from the sprocket mounting face on the carrier, my question is… Do I remove 10mm from the cbr sprocket mount face or the vf mount face then use the bushes you mentioned.
Also when you say mounting face do you mean the bolt holes need to be machined back so the sprocket is further into the centre or is it the outer edge of the carrier hub, sorry for sounding stupid but its been a while.


Better to question twice than make a mistake once,yes 10mm off the CBR sprocket carrier,once the studs have been removed.Although the rear caliper from the VF will fit the CBR bracket I would recommend using the CBR caliper or at a push the front right from the VF.Having test ridden mine,I found the rear had run out of travel on the slide pin and locked itself on DOH
Now rebuilt with a CBR caliper
regards Bif

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Also the jelly mould 600 caliper and bracket work too,the only difference is the thickness of the mounting on the spindle

Thanks for the advise Bif.
I have the 400 caliper hanger so do I need the cbr 400 Aero caliper too or can I go with a cbr 600 f2 caliper as per wheels and drive hub, or can I use a jelly mould brake caliper on this 400 hanger.

Once I have these parts then it will just be a case of getting the correct spacers machined up unless they are carried by a shop somewhere?
Also will spray the wheels black, I was going to powder coat but I will see what a cheap spray can achieve before I settle on a colour.


The 400 caliper or jelly mould 600 caliper the F2 is a totally different beast

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Spacers will have to be machined,I haven’t found anything off the shelf that matches

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Thanks Bif, I will sort a caliper from a 400 aero on ebay.
Thanks again.

Have a 400 aero caliper on the way, dont know when though, can the guy get it posted??
Just the spacers to get now and have the aero caliper hanger bored out to fit the spindle.
primer is on the rear wheel as its blue, then paint it black when the black paint arrives??? again, to match with the front.
Will keep you informed when the project is done and I will put some pics up.

Thanks for your help on this.

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Hi Bif,
ooopppps, I tried fitting the 400 aero caliper as a dry run today, however the bolt holes are miles out, also the 400 aero caliper I bought from ebay only has 1 pot, should I have bought the twin pot version , or did the guy sell me the wrong part as I can only find twin pot ones on ebay now , I didnt know there was a 1 or a 2 pot to choose from.

Also just to say that the hanger seems correct as my vf caliper lines up fine with the 400 hanger.

my bad,you need the twin piston caliper,I wouldn’t use the vf rear for reasons I stated on my project two thread.
Alternatively use a single piston caliper if it’s bracket lines up well

Thanks, dont worry about not telling me that I could only use the twin LOL, I got a full refund and he doesnt want the caliper back!, great guy.
I will get a twin piston cbr400 rear caliper soooon.
Please stop me if you remember anything else.
Dont worry I am very appreciative of your help as I am just shooting in the dark with whats needed.


Hi Bif, lockdown still so no further with lathe work or anything with thw vf spacers or carrier, however I offered it up yesterday and with the (from left at rear) wheel aligner on then the original spacer from the cbr600 which is around 1.5 cm, then the sprocket and carrier, the wheel puched to the left , I find that the studs from the procket carrier touch the swing arm, so when I get the carrier face lathed back by 1 cm then fit a 1 cm spacer the studs are really going to interfere with the swing arm, so do I presume that I need to get the studs shortened so they dont touch the swing arm.
Thanks again .

The studs don’t cause a problem as there is plenty of room to screw them further into the carrier.
Once the sprocket mounting face has been machined it will be necessary to counter bore the threaded holes to 13mm to a depth of 5mm
look at the studs to see why.
once fitted you will have clearance on the swing arm

Great thanks Bif that makes sense now, something I had pondered on but can now understand.
I have dry fitted the caliper hanger and the correct twin pot brake caliper with no probs, it needs new pads of course , they must have been in the caliper for 30 years as the backing plate had swelled and released from the friction pad with just mushy rust between.The pistons were stuck in at first but after I got it on the bike and bled the caliper they now move with ease and with no leaks at all so I am in two minds whether it is worth stripping them if they are not broke. So now I just need the front bearings fitted, all the spacers lathed, sprocket carrier lathed and the new front tyre fitted and I will be good to go, but I am not holding my breath on when the roads will be open at this terrible time.
To ease the pain of not riding in this great weather I use the excuse of charging the batteries up to get them rumbling on the driveway once a week. Sad times.
cheers bif stay safe and thanks.

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Hi again Bif.
I have just polished up the front wheel ready for the work and to go in, I then looked at all the instructions you gave me, then I looked at the wheel bearings your instructions said to get and I noticed that yes they are 6203-2rs , it says so on the box, however I noticed your instruction for the centre bush was a clearance of 15mm, so I measured the new bearings and they were 18mm diameter inside, now correct me if Im wrong but isnt the spindle just going to rattle around in the bearings?
I know it needs an 8mm bush on the right side of the wheel ,this too will need a 15mm clearance bore to go on the spindle but I am perplexed at the 6203-2rs bearings being 18mm???
Please put me right as I am confused.


Hi yet again bif, I have just looked up the bearing 6302-2RS and that one has a 15mm inside bore.
Is it possible that you got the 2 and the 3 the wrong way round when you sent the instructions or am I still barking up the wrong tree or wheel lol

hi, the book size for the 6203-2rs is an inside diameter of 16mm is this still ok for a 15mm spindle.
sorry about this bif

My fault it’s a typo 6302 it is.
if it’s any consolation the 6203 fit the swing arm

Hi Bif , easy mistake to make, I transpose letters and munbers all the time, I think its my age.
I will get the new ones ordered and then wait for the lockdown to end then dive into my local machine shop.
I have actually got the wheels on the bike loose of course but they do look very nice and sporty albeit a bit wobbly at the moment.
looking forward to getting out on it.
Take care.