Gone quiet again

Whats up with you lot ? Cant believe the Aussies havent got anything to say for themselves ?
The Brits have got an excuse - we`re hunkering down for the 9 months sub zero hibernation.
I dread to think of how the Finns are preparing themselves. Fred and his countrymen will simply open another bottle of wine and shrug their shoulders. [:D][:D]


Haha, don’t worry Martin, we are just quietly preparing for 6-7 months of our Spring/Summer of perfect motorcycling weather! You are right though, it has been quiet around here lately.

yes martin, still here, apart from a few short blasts ive not used the vf much in the last month or so, hoping to get off on at least one good run before the weather turns too bad.
had to go for a few runs on the zed before its mot at begining of september, was a bit embarrassing turning up to test centre having only done 700 miles since last year.
Anyway it will soon be time to park the bikes up and get the spanners out and start meddling with things i should probably leave alone [:D]

Yes it has been quiet from both ends.

I took the ‘HO’ out last Sunday and it was an awsome day for it.
Left home at 7.30am and met up with my 2 brothers at Cross Roads Hotel @ 8am, pity it wasn’t open, headed down Bringelly Rd to Old Northern Rd then to Pit Town Pub cnr Windsor Rd and Pit Town Rd (another one not open yet) met up with another 5 riders and headed through Wisemans Ferry to Wollombi Pub for lunch (finally one open) on the way found a Harley rider in the guard rail with his mates shading him.
Nice food at Wollombi Pub. left there and went to Broke to fuel up where a bloke said Putty Rd may be closed as the chopper was called in for another trying to be road kill. turns out a ‘P’ plater on a ZX6 slammed up the ass of a CBR1100XX, the ‘P’ plater was the one that broke his leg, the CBR guy was just a bit sore and shook up (limping) got to have a beer with my brothers at Windsor pub before getting home (Fairfield) at about 5pm. all up about 450kms of fun in the sun and the MP3 player blasting the helmet speakers.
What a day, only had 4 hours sleep that morning as i was driving a bus doing a couple of charters around the beautiful shitty of Sydney but the ride was well worth it. will be transplanting parts very soon as the painter has all the bits to spray and i want to swap the forks and mufflers before the new fairing goes on. hopefully have it done before end of next month.
Overnight ride planned for last w/end of October for me and my brothers birthday, heading out west somewhere to a pub about 500kms away to get happy and ride back the next day. should be fun. any one interested?

Sorry, The Boy, it’s a bit too far from here! As each year, my VF (s) won’t stop running this winter. Last year they had a fortnight of forced rest due to snow falls and some black ice but I expect this winter to be mild!

I had a similar outing with my brother Mick last weekend. Left my place nesar St Marys headed out to North Richmond and to Lithgow via the Bells Line Of Road. Quick brekkie in Lithgow then to Sofala for our next leg stretch stop, then on to Bathurst then into Oberon via the ‘Tourist Route’ then back to Hartley. Up to Mt Victoria via the Great Western Highway before turning left on to the Darling Causeway and over to Bell for the return run to Richmond via the Bells Line of Road again as we couldn’t face the Sunday traffic on the GWH heading East from Katoomba. About 480 km for my '854 VF1000 and my brother on his '08 BMW K1200GT. Make no mistake, those across the frame engined Bee Emm’s love the twisties!Of course 150+HP helps too :slight_smile:

Hi Will,
Sounds like a good ride, might have to note that one down and try it one day.
A month ago we took back roads down to Goulburn then north to Taralga then through Janolan caves and came back to Mt Vic and across to Bells Line, and back to Fairfield. That was a vary cold day but well worth it, good ride.
Maybe we should join forces, had 8 with us last Sunday but always ready to add more riders to the msg/ride list.

Sounds like I need to get some of you guys down to the Snowies for some great roads!

My brother and I are doing a ‘Snowy Ride’ over four days in November. We are spending Saturday night with a group of friends at their place in Wagga Wagga, then heading around to the Vic border area and back over the Aussie Alps to Jindabyne for the Sunday night. From there on Monday over to the NSW south coast and maybe Monday night on the coast somewhere and back into Sydney on the Tuesday.
The VF seems most at home on the wide open roads with fast sweepers, it’s a bit of a handful on tight bends with my old bod’s less than perfect left side!

Maybe we should arrange a VF get together at some stage for the Aussie East Coaster’s? I’d be there[:D]

Wonderful ! Glad I stirred the pot a bit. You can always rely on the Aussies to respond. Good on ya fellers.( and VF Pete )

I`ve had enough of this bloody stupid working environment and all the dick heads out there who need to get a life, and have decided I,m going to retire next July ( my 58th birthday ) That way, I can spend all day in the workshop ( yea I,m going for a devorce at the same time !!) but also I want to do a bike trip all around the UK coast roads - me, the bike and a tent. I,m gonna invite my Aussie based (Perth) brother to come over for it then go back with him for a bike trip round Tassie which he reckons is a great place. I suppose being an ex pom, the weather is easier for him to bare.
Cheers peeps

Hey Martin, the Kingdom coast with a tent sound bloody awsome and you will definitely enjoy Tassie, it is a wonderful place and i wish you enjoyment for your retirement and divorce. (i wish i had the balls and the money to do that)

To my fellow east coasters, a ride and meet at a pub for the night for some drinks sounds good, you all are welcome to join me, my brothers and mates out west last w/end of October. The celebration is for my 45th and my brother’s 48th birthdays. OH MY GOD i have just gone into shock, my whole life has slipped past with nothing to show for it, i cant believe i am so old. i think we may be heading to Dubbo or somewhere like that, more details to follow in ‘rides and meets’ post. hang on a second what the hell was that BS about old and nothing to show? i have a wife, 3 beautiful daughters, a job and a shed full of bikes, how much better does it get? (would be better if i was riding more)

I have got next week off and going camping for 4 days on a mates 200 acre property with my daughters and brother in-law with his 2 sons and all the bikes we can carry on 2 trailers. going to be bloody exlnt getting out the old XR630 again.


Finally doing sort of full time paid work, rather than intermittent part time contracts & volunteering, for the first time in over five years. Once the debt mountain is back to a series of small hills, there’s a grumpy VF in the garage that’ll be re-registered. [:)]
At least it’s now looking possible.

Good to hear hippo, how long since it was legal?

Somebody switch the lights off

Seems that way doesn’t it?

I’ve had it around a year. It’s currently running, fully serviced, new tyres but fairing & headlight still on the shelves. I feel better using that as an excuse for not being able to ride it than simple lack of funds! Probably off the road for 2-3 years when I got it but ridden fairly regularly by a now retired rider up 'til then. Dunno how long the BT45s had been on it, but they were, erm, interesting.

I’m still hear but due to being unable to balance my carbs correctly with my new rubber pipe gauges The bike is not purring like a cat
seem to have a air leek on the master 1 carb showing a low needle on the gauges[:(]
should have a ultrasonic cleaning bay soon so off they will come and get cleaned properly.
fitted new rubbers last year so will squirt rubber gasket seal round them when refitting.
did this to my Yamaha xj1100 maxim this June and its purring like a Jessica Alba on heat(Dark Angel)[8D]

Bakelite BT’s eh? Sounds interesting. Good to hear that you will have it back on the road though, it’s frustrating looking at your bike just sitting there.
I have been trying to finish the paintwork on my VF1000FF so that I get to use the old girl, trouble is I have never painted anything automotive in my life, I know the theory and basics like good preparation, spray technique etc, but it has been interesting. Here is a sidecover that I have painted that shows that I am on the right track in terms of finish, but still a bit of work to do, I reckon I can get a glass like finish on this part.

Look who else was watching me work!

Hibernating here :wink: , and thinking what to do with 3 VF:s during winter. Carb job with both Sabres (750 and 1100), and maybe mosfet regulator-rectifier update for BolD’or. And front tyre, Russian roads made it to final stage last summer.