Honda VF1000 1987

Bought this VF1000F back in November 2013 as my first big bike. Not long been on the road after sorting out the breaks, starter motor and a much needed service. Wanting to re spray back too original colours. Any advice or pointers on these bikes would be good.

Although the original paint scheme was nice I don’t think the one currently on it looks all that bad. Bike looks good!

hi cmurray6,
yep the bike looks great, hope you don’t mind but i’ve re-posted your pic the right way up, it may have been ok for our Australian cousins, but it was making my neck ache looking at it :o :o ;D ;D ;D


Looked better the right way up in the first pic!

hello tony,
its been a while, i trust the vf is all painted up now and running well.

Hello Pete, yes the old girl is all painted up and is riding well and running well but from my limited time in the saddle of this bike, seems to be drinking fuel like a V8! It is time to re-register so I haven’t ridden it for a few weeks, tossing up the idea of waiting for our winter to pass before renewing the registration, since I have become a fair weather motorcyclist in recent years and winter is just around the corner here in upside down land.
Sorry for the thread hijack, I should start another thread about this fuel consumption issue.

8)I did a return journey 40 miles took it easy cost me £11.00 in fuel
another week I did the same return journey Had some real fun and thrashed it at every roundabout and straight
Cost me £22.00 to fill it back up

remember fun costs money the faster you go :slight_smile:

Haha yea I uploaded from my phone. Dunno why it was upside down! Really enjoying the bike. Pulls like a train too!

Hi Lloyd. Yeah I get the price for speed thing but 23 litres in 150 kms (18.4 mpg! :o) while cruising at 110 kph? I was riding very sedately on the highway while monitoring for teething issues, thankfully there were none, but I wouldn’t want to thrash this old girl at that rate of thirst!

First things first, new air cleaner element, check the choke to make sure it isn’t partially open at the carbs etc.

Do you remember how many litres you used Lloyd? Our fuel in Australia is $1.60 per litre but I don’t know what fuel costs across the pond.

I thought my VTR1000 was thirsty at around 10 litres/100 km for a range of about 170 kms from 17 litres (yep that’s all they hold) and it was quite fast.

fuel in the UK was at its peak about £6.50 gallon about £1.45 ltr
I was sitting at about 100mph for 20 miles each way, got the distance wrong I meant to say 40 miles each way
so 2 gallons following the speed limit and 4 gallons a wee bit faster
Will be putting my bank of carbs into my ultrasonic cleaning bay now i have the cleaning fluid from online at a bargain price of £20.49 delivered for 5 litres

My VF1000F G with nearly 90 000 miles on the clock does 170 km each day on the motorway at a good 150/160 km/h (95/100 mph) and the bill today was 13.4 litres/170km =7.88l/100… not that bad! ;D

7.88 l/100k!
I would be very happy with that, it is kind of what I expected from my old girl, but so far it is unable to get down to double those figures while travelling at almost half the speed!
I need to get her back in the workshop.

100 mph! You guys are lucky the police here can put us in jail if they wanted too for over 100 mph. We can do it you just can’t get caught.

hi thunder, yep that speeding is a risky hobby, i got caught twice in three weeks, luckily i was in the car and only doing a few mph over, still got the points on the licence though, got to be careful for a few years now… depending on the roads and circumstances 100mph will normally get you banned for a few month’s and a hefty fine, 120ish could be prison

:-[ I feel sorry for you guys who can’t indulge some hi speed without much risks… During day time, I cruise between 6000/6500 rpm and that’s 140/160 km/h on the speedo but early in the morning or late in the evening I can very often see the needle past the 8000rpm line…
At 140/150 on the speedo on a motorway, the cops won’t notice and at a true 160, I may loose 2 points on my licence and 90€. It’s gonna be more expensive with a nasty step at a true 178 km/h and you should loose your licence for 3 or 4 months plus quite a lot of money, usualy about a month of your income and if you where over 200km/h you may even loose your bike/car and the fine may be salty and your pedestrian period a lot longuer. Where are the good old days (barely 20 years ago) when I was caught at 176 km/h for 90 (169 for the police record) and sentenced 4 points and no fine…
I only speed like that on the motorways where I ride daily, knowing all the places where the MIB’s can hide and all their tricks but I was caught two years ago and lost 1 point and 45€ for a mere 119 km/h on a 110 km/h limitation…
On the other hand, I’m a strict observer of the 50km/h speed limit in town! ;D

I would be happy if I could cruise 100 mph on a regular basis. I have taken my current VF1000R to 115mph (185km) and on my way up to 130 mph ( 209)km) on back road knowing there were no police around. The speedo needle broke so passing 185km but I’m prrettyI hit as lest 200km.

I have been up to 241km in my younger days on a different bike, but it is not like it was back then. To many idiots and cars anymore to due that. Beside I’ve gotten older was wiser.

Hi Pete hope you doing well. Sorry Cmurray6 for jacking your thread up…Ride safe all.

“Beside I’ve gotten older was wiser.” says Thunder … You’re lucky as I’m still a geriatric hooligan!

the road where i go out on is duel carriageway ,pure tarmac and hardly any police and you can see for miles.
did come off the roundabout one day and what was in front of me a white transit van full of coppers so I stayed at 70 till they turned off
I don’t get mu time to ride my bike here that’s why I have Max in Topeka Kansas USA for summer 8)

I was on a Triumph 1200 4cyl Trophy a few years ago and just about to start along a great bit of road I like to use for blowing the cobwebs out and came up behind a Lexus with 4 blokes inside. I was following, waiting for a good opportunity to blast past when his fog lights flashed individually left and right ! A plain cop car obviously, so I waved my appreciation at letting me know what / who he was and rode past in sensible mode giving him a nod on the way.
Once past and out of view - hammer down time ! Theyre not all mean SOBs - many are OK guys.