How many VF's do the Forum members own ?

There are now only 329 VF’s registered with DVLA, with only 128 on the road. Whilst there are 343 members of this forum,( don’t know how many are active tho’ ).
Anyway, it’d be interesting to know how many of the dwindling number of VF’s are represented here ?
I’ve got a FF on the road ( with FE bodywork ), a complete SORN’d original FE and another of each SORN’d and dismantled as spares.
I for one am a dedicated owner and will hereby promise to the best of my ability to keep at least one of my VF’s on the road for the rest of my ( riding ) life, hopefully that amounts to another 20+ yrs !!
Can we do our own members census ?

I have a FII Bol d’or on the road in DK, equiped with an R-engine, build in this winter.

Teambif have on the road an FE{German headquarters}and an F2F.We also have on sorn an RE project and an incomplete FF for spares

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My f2f is on the road just a little poorly at the moment

i only have the one fe with original engine, it is sorn’d at the moment.

I’ve got a vf1000fe (owned from new in 1984, was taken off-road in 1990 hence not sorn) and a vf1000f2 which has been undergoing a rebuild and is sorn at the moment.

I have an 85 F2 on the road and in the slow process of restoration. I also have an 86 FF as spare parts for the F2.

I have a single 86 FF on the road.

i have an 87 ff with an r engine in and a 86 fe taken off road in the 90’s so no sorn.


I would say we represent a pretty good percentage of the owners of the UK bikes here, hopefully with more owners to come!

My daily ride is a -85 VF1000F2 with -86 R-motor, in Finland.

[8D]After 6 Months of search and find from everyone I know and new friends from this forum I have my 1984 VF1000FE on the road,completely legal and is it a lot of fun.[}:)]
Just wish I had one when I was 21
Still too fast for Me,cos my mirrors fold back at 120mph[:)]

Just got to get it painted Think its going to be Candy Red and Black as it says on the log book

I have an 84 FE which is on the road (But need to fix Gearbox)[B)]
also have a frame and odd bits for an FF i think on a SORN.[?]
Also an 83 VF750F (Jap Import) on the road [:)]and an 85 VF500 which is off the road in bits[V]

I have a 86’FF,a 85’F2F and a VF500F2F all on sorn.Were all on the road last year but got a new GTR1400 this year so been using that.I have an 85 500F2E as a donor and an 85’FF as a donor for the 1000’s.
I really enjoy the VF’s but modern brakes and suspension do show how poor the 80’s bikes were,although then they were cutting edge.

I have one 87 bol d or on road running like a train no cam probs with 87000 on clock its the only v4 i have now having had a succession of 400s and 500s.Oh and 1 750 with mentioned chocolate cams.

I have a VF 1000 F2. It’s for some years “Off Road”.
Needs to repair a crash from former holder. The Headlight, rear indicator and cover are broken.
Hopfully the engine will come up again.

Good Day,
Apologies in advance as I am new to this forum.
I am just about to put an 85 R back on the road (need some exhausts if anyone can help). I have two V twins (Ducati and an old Guzzi), a boxer (BM Gs) and two singles (Husky 610 and an 82 YZ490). They all get used in all weathers, the BM and Husky for commuting.
I intend to use the VF as I do the other bikes.


Hi just regestered - I have F2 bol dor on the road also CB900F2 and XJ750 Yam

'86 FF Red/Silver 30k miles.VGC. Will still show 150 (at least 10% fast!) on clock.Handles like a dream with no vibes or rattles, unlike my brand new fjr1300 which sent my hands and bum numb faster than a local aenesthetic. Crazy world - the FJ cost me £10.5k and the VF £1.3k. I lost £3k in 12 months on the FJ and the VF is probably appreciating!

Hi Guys

In my shed I have an almost pristine original 1985 blue/silver VF1000F. I also have another one the same which I’m building as an historic race bike. The first outing planned is a one hour race in September.
Then there’s the 1 1/2 86 F2s in pieces.
Other bikes include recently restored Ducati 851, 1971 Norton Commando 750, 2004 Honda Blackbird (in CB1100R colours), 1989 Honda RS250 GP bike, a 2011 ZX-10R superbike which my 17-year-old son races, and lastly a Honda Benley CB110.
I’ll post some pics when I get around to it.

Chris Pickett