How many VF's do the Forum members own ?

hi i have an 84 with a 85 engine,in pretty good nick,i’m trying to get it up and running , starter is &% and carbs are all corroded and gummed up and the intake rubbers have had it,fuel supply T peices connecting the carbs are broken ,can anyone out the help me with any bits ? i’m dying to ride this beast.

I recommend to get new intake boots from dealer, new ones make the assembly work easier. Fuel tubes may be problematic too, If used ones do not pop up, you can check V4-market if they do have suitable pipes. Or dealer, or, or David Silver Spares. Check correct part numbers first.

Just got another V4 this time a pan european to go with bol d or,xs650yam,cx500 silverwing,Tl 125 sammy millar trials bike,XL350R Honda,NS400R Honda,FJ1200 yam,1958 triumph 3TA and lastly one i dont talk aboutBMWrs100 flying brick all except BMW are moted taxed and running just dont seem to be able to say no although should have done with BM.

I have two, both on sorn one to go back on the road in the next few weeks, I scrapped a 1985 vf frame which was still registered with DVLA. Phil.

Hi, Have a 1984 vf1000fe. Been SORN’d last 8 years. Currently undergoing re-commission.Complete service, brake & fork overhaul, chain & sprockets, new tyres, re-chromed forks etc. Should be back on the road in a month or so.

hello , i have a ff ,blue and silver which will be shortly dismantled for the spare parts , not sure if this will count on the final score?

got a pair of '86 f2f bol d’or, one mot’d today and the other is this winters project

I have 1 ,its off road getting fixed up, fully intend to have it purring around east yorkshire in the not too distant future.

Teambif are now the proud owners of a second boldor in red.A bit of work needed but it’s all there and the majority of the panels are in good order.It’s been sat a while so time to dig the Ultrasonic bath out and pull the carbs

Hi there,

I do own a 1984 VF 1000 F Interceptor in candy red/blue/white on the road, brought on the road again last year after having a rest of 6 years. As I was too stupid to put new tires on it as well, I now have to get new tires front and rear, new front brakes and new mirrors after “exploring” the roadside. Luckily the rest is still ok.
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i have an 86 f2f bol d’or on the road but a bit scratched 28,000 miles on it from new

My '86 F2F German import will be on the road within next 2 weeks, if all goes well. But due to crazy tax regulations in DK, I must present the bike in misserable condition, in order to receive a poor evaluation, whereafter I will be asked reduced import tax. I will take it into pieces this comming winter, and get it shined up, if time allows me
I Own a VF750F '83 too, not in original paintings, but still nice to watch. That one is on the road.

Now proud owner of second Bol d or 1986 silver taxed and mot runs well exept for pogostick rear shocker one on way from forum member but may modify WP thuderace one to fit and thanks to falling spark have original cans to put on other.

I have an '87 FF been running well all year, just got probs now with charging, new os regulator on it’s way…

needs some work but will need to find someone who can give it a good sewrvice for me its just nost fast anymore

I have one, a 1985 VF1000F2F Bol Dor.
It was on the road until November, now on a sorn for the winter.
It is red with 34,000 miles on the clock and a full set of Fandango luggage.
I love it.

Greetings from a new member from Canada. Having had a recent bout of “midlife crisis” I found myself rescuing an 84 1000f from a young fellow in need of funds. It has taken a bit of elbow grease but managed to make a few runs last fall and can’t wait for the spring to return! Count this one as still alive and kicking!

Just collected an 85 F2 last night as part payment for my 98 Pegaso. It’s been off the road for over a year, but it runs; quite well actually :slight_smile: Desperately needs tyres (absolutely stuffed), a thorough clean, a full service & a couple of minor cosmetic repairs. Hopefully it’ll be back on the road in the next couple of months, so that’ll be one more. Cheers

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I have restored & tuned a VF1000FF 1984 currently running like a train with no problems, I have just got a Stainless Header pipe made up for it at Infinity Exhausts for £200 plus vat fitted to the bike as a one off!!! I have also restored to standard condition my brother in law’s VF1000FF 1985 (Currently Sorn’d) and will be for sale soon [V]
Dave (Bristol UK)

Just the two VF1000F’s here. Both Candy Red/Black/white, one is an 84 and the other is an 83. One has just had a VF1000R motor fitted by Scotty Heyes in Brisbane, and I’m keen to see how it goes.

If I can work out how to insert pictures I’ll throw them in.

Anyone else in Brisbane out there with a VF?