hulme end 2017

i know august is a long time off and we havent even got scotland out of the way yet but, after having a conversation with martin who unfortunatly has missed the last 2 meet’s i thought i would post the usual dates up to gauge interest.
so normal dates are august 25 and 26th, thats friday and saturday, return home sunday.


Well I should have all required brownie points in place by then,plus Mrs Bif will be sick of the sight of me after spending two weeks away with yours truly.
Count me in Pete

Thanks for that Pete, if the “Kilt Wearers” are coming south en masse again then I’d better make sure I’m there to level the odds. Count me in deffo.


  1. That sounds good for me. Start of my 10 days so would only need the friday night off ;D :slight_smile: ;D :slight_smile:

Yeh i can do those dates.
Still buzzing after ure scots weekend.
Great roads weather and company
Thanks lads.

I contacted the manifold inn .Hulme end on Thursday , then there was 5 room free for our weekend so any one not wanting to camp are advised to book early as rooms go fast.
look forward to seeing all of you again, as im still buzzing after the Scottish run out, it was a blast and great company.

Booking the FF in for an MOT tomorrow ready for Hulme End ( Derbyshire ) on the 25th 26th 27th August. In case you’ve not heard about this event ( open invite to club members ) its behind the Manifold Pub at Hulme End. Most will be camping whilst the wimps have booked rooms in the pub. Derbyshire is superb for bike riding and the Manifold is superb for drinking. What more could you want ?


hi martin,

yes hulme end is getting closer, i know last year we headed out to the ponderosa bikers cafe in wales for the saturday ride which was great, this year however, if no one has any objections it may be an idea to explore more of derbyshire/yorkshire area.
Ive been heading down to matlock most sundays over the last couple of months, checking out the roads and trying to form a route for the vf do, i have most of the out lap sorted, needs a few tweeks to avoid a couple of freshly resurfaced roads, and unfortunatly the Via Gelia is still closed half way down, which is a bit disapointing as that road is awsome, the detour round it aint that bad though,
so hopefully see you all there ;D

Wow, preparations are being made !!! These must be your “practice laps” Pete ?
You and I have no chance Pete against the loony haggis eaters when it comes to knees ( elbows ?) down riding. I’m packing my pipe and slippers in the tank bag plus a good book.
Not long now.
Captain Slow

do we know how many will be at Hulme end. that’s us august tomorrow so not long now,
hope my old bus holds up. look forward to seeing all of you at end of month.
ill bring the haggis for breakfast bill. lol

Best catch a few of them Graham,you know what kind of appetites us loony,wimpy kilt wearing haggis eaters have.
Just as well that we are also amiable and thick skinned.
Looking forward to seeing everyone that can make it this year
Regards Bif

Bill, you know of course that you’re alright as long as they’re taking the p…s out of you. You only need to worry when they start being nice !! James the 1st ( 6th ) told be that and he got it from his mum. ;D

Its this weekend people. Get the tent de-mildewed and kick the cat out of the sleeping bag then make your way to Hulme End this Friday for the annual VF bash. Come down for the day if you want. Pete has got us some superb routes to try out in the Derbyshire Dales on Saturday so come and have a laugh and some serious VF talk.

well thats the 5th vf1000 hulme end meet up completed, its hard to imagine that we have done five of these now, and they just keep getting better, great roads, stunning scenery, fine company and a large portion of merry ment.

The saturday rideout started with a brisk ride through to matlock bath via the recently opened via gellier road, that road is awsome, pit stop for refreshments in matlock bath before heading to CMC motorcycles at clay cross, then back through matlock heading to bakewell and onto the Station cafe at Grindleford for lunch, and what a cracking little cafe it is, outside dinning area and larger than life portions.
From there the pace picked up a we left the slightly busy roads and headed for Bamford and the fantastic Strines road, now, i always complain about cyclists cluttering the road up, but as this road was resurfaced last year for the tour de yorkshire with smooth sticky tarmac, ill forgive them, especially as not many pleasur cyclists use it, from there we wingled our way through to holmefirth, refresments in the Old bridge pub, from there it was up and over holme moss, down through Glossop and up and over the famouse Snake Pass which was virtually traffic free, which lead to a lot of fun, down through Bamford again and up through the Winnats Pass, a cracking ride over the A623 before hitting the B roads through Calver, hassop, youlgreave, finnally ending up back at Hulme End at 7.30, ready for the 8.00 pre-booked table at the Manifold Pub.
I would just like to thank everyone who turned up, bif, john,graham, martin,phil and paul, for being as usual, great company, without you guys these weekend jaunts just wouldnt happen, hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did.

Well said Pete.

Less of the pics of maps and old farts, where are the super [size=10pt]VF1000 bike pictures ??? 8)

Very fair comment PAJ.

sadly, the only photo i took,

The lady at the desk in the background seems the only reason worth looking to this photograph as I can’t taste the beer. ::slight_smile: And, oh, yes, it seems that my friend Marmite had his hair done! :o

More seriously, I do regret I was not able to come or even to be more present on the forum. I expect this will change More seriously, I do regret I was not able to come or even to be more present on the forum. I hope this will change as soon my wife’s health will be better…