I needed another project

Found these two bikes in the back of a shed.
One has had substantial crash damage.
Going to be a long one but great to add to the collection.
Owned one new and purchased it in the crate in 85.
Had to order them in NZ $9600.00 back then

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Nice one and do enjoy :+1: :+1:

Keep us updated with the project and plenty pictures please

Yes will do.
Does this site have a parts manual and workshop manual?

Started cleaning up things.
Got it running and is very quiet,no clunks or rattles yet to oil press test .
No oil in air cleaner or catch tank which is great.
Fired up straight away with a little starter fliud,
Cooling temp gauge working correctly and fans came on correctly .found coolant leak which might be a issue to fix.Second bike missing carbs computer and other things ,nice and clean down intakes so will turn over and oil up.getting swing arm out to clean and welding on paddock stand bobins to make life easier in the future.

Coolant leak has been fixed and rad flushed.
Made up a new battery box to suit the battery that fits the cb’s.
Attached anderson plug so can change out quickly and not wreak terminals.
Mounted some of the plastic and went for a short ride 10ks.
Front forks leaking badly so out they come.
Brakes shit but full of oil so needed.