meeting at the end of July

Reposted so you can all see this

so the 27th and 28th of July is good for me as I will be in the USA till the 10th July riding Max.
What we need is confirmation about where this meet will take place.
Obviously we are all over the country so might I suggest we pick a central location that all of us can get to without doing hundreds of miles for some.
If all that can attend the event on these dates email me there location I could put a pin in a map for everyone and triangulate the closest point in the map for all of us,bare in mind that some will have further and some will have slightly less miles to do ( some are happy to do 500 miles in a day but not me ) this seems the fairest way for all,everybody has different finances available.
Once we all confirm an area then we all can agree on a map location for one day if we can all make it. Once we have confirmation we could arrange the press to attend.

Just my input

email me and I will sort it

My location is Norwich Norfolk

Thanks Windy, I notice you posted this also on the original page. This confirms we are going to Hulme End in the Peak District which is a site Pablo suggested. I think we need to come down on one side of the fence and say " this is where we`ll go"
There is a camp site for those who want to imbibe in the Manifold pub a few minutes away. Date 27th and 28th July. I think I will get there the day before - (the 26th) with my tent so I can relax and meet any early arrivals on the 27th.

All those in favour say “Eye”



so whats the post code I am in Norwich
Can only make the first day weather permitting
Sorry dont like the rain

eye eye captain mannering[:D]… happy to go with the flow…

Windy - you`re a tart !

might be but least I will see the sun this year[}:)]

Have a great time Windy and here`s the post code for your return,

Hulme End Campsite, Alstonefield Lane, Hulme End, Buxton SK17 0EX

The pub is apparently next door “The Manifold”

Cheers, mine a large one ( ooo misses )


Just a reminder lads, weve got the UKs first ? VF1000 meet up on the 27th & 28th July at the “The Manifold” pub right next to the Hulme End Campsite, Alstonefield Lane, Hulme End, Buxton SK17 0EX

Can you start to let me know if youre thinking of making it and if youll be camping / B&B`ing it or just turning up on the day ?


I’m camping it if I can find my tent! is there going to be a rideout?

Saturday for definite… poss sunday too depending on things

Found my tent!

Would it be worth expanding the range of Honda V4’s to attend a meet and we could spread it more around other websites?

Not a bad idea Phil, but considering the time scale and wanting to keep it reasonably low key to start with personally I prefer to stay with us lot of hoods initially and see how we go.
Its not my show ( btw) Im just the sucker who`s put his name forward to set it up.!!

Anyway, Im off for a few days on a bike charity run to the Stelvio Pass.I,m slightly embarrassed to admit Ive borrow a bike from my mate ( BMF800GS) cos I dont want to pack up on a trip like this - people are sponsoring me per mile !!
Back by Weds, averaging 500 miles per day x 4

Boys - dont forget the GB bash on the 27th and 28th July at Hulme End Campsite, Alstonefield Lane, Hulme End, Buxton SK17 0EX

See you there

not long now… has anyone decided what time they are heading there

Hi Pete, I think I,ll get there on Friday (don’t work Fridays) so let’s say “outside Manifold Pub” at 10.00 on the Saturday ? By the time we’ve all gathered in, had a brief chat etc we can take a ride out for a few hrs round Matlock area and back to pub by 16.00 and home for the “day only” riders. Sound good for everyone ?


I’v been considering trying to get down on the friday, but I would’nt get there till 6.00-6.30, then I’d have the tent to pitch.

That’s no probs Phil, the pub probably doesn`t open until after that anyway.

What about the rest of you`s guys - anyone else daring to venture out on the beast that weekend ?

“Radical” - you up for it ?


Anyone else coming???