Need tyres quickly

Hi, I have a 1985 VF1000F2 Bol’dor which has not been on the road for about 7 years and I want to get it back out. I have been looking for tyres but can’t find a matching pair. There are a few fronts but the rear tyre 140x80x17 seems to be scarce. Can anybody point me in the right direction. thanks Paneuro

Dunlop - Arrowmax Streetsmart
Bridgestone - BT46 F/R
Metzeler - Roadtec 01

The alternative is to go 150/70-17 on the rear and 110/80-18 front,this gives you a choice of most manufacturers sport/touring radial tyres.
My brother and I both use these on our Boldor’s,I prefer Bridgestone T30’s while John uses Avon 3d-xm’s.
A real step up from cross ply tyres IMO

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Hi, thanks for the info, now I need to find them at a reasonable price. I was quoted £223.00 for 2 tyres which think is far to expensive considering you have to pay to get them fitted on top. Paneuro

I use for tyres,a set of T31 radials £200 or a set BT45 cross ply £202.25,a no brainier


Hi, I got an offer on 2 Michelins from Bikespeed £204.00 but I still think this is OTT? I could buy 3 tyres for my M sport BMW for less and that would include fitting and balancing!! I think by the time I get these Michelins fitted and balanced it would be a full set for the M sport. I think I will just leave it in the shed if that’s going to be the cost. thanks anyway for your help. Paneuro (your obviously a rich biker)

I got the T30 evo on PC25 rims on my 1000R. They are great.

Online price in Germany for a set BT46 is ~185 GBP.

One the other side the regulations here are harder, as Pete has come to know …

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Me,rich?Oh no my friend,I can’t afford an M sport BM,but then if you’re fitting tyres at less than £75 a corner perhaps I’m not the only one.


Hi Bif, I am not rich, I am comfortable. I was self employed in the motor trade for around 55 years and if I couldn’t put a set of reasonable boots on my M sport for £300 quid then I would sell it. I don’t need tyres that are safe up to 150 mph!!! I only want to dodge around at the legal limit and enjoy the ride. I have also been involved in competition motorcycling for 40 plus years and never had this problem. Anyway I thank you for your advice and although I love motorcycling I can’t swallow the cost of 2 tyres for a bike. Not to worry it can sit beside the rest of the bikes. cheers Paneuro.

thanks again Paneuro.

What is the cost for a life or serious injury for life. Many years ago I paid the price for putting cheap rubber on the front of my bike. Speed wobble at 100 MPH cost me half of my backside for about a month. Lucky that was all apart from having to buy all new riding gear. The next 50 years cost me a fortune in good rubber but never had another problem. And I am not rich either. Each to his own I guess. :face_with_head_bandage:

I went for a cheaper (not cheap but cheaper) option on the Blackbird for the first rear tyre. Roll on acceleration in the wet in 3rd & 4th saw the tyre spin.
That did me for cheaper tyres.

I actually forgot the bike was a right off too. But it gave me an excuse to buy a new one. (Once I could sit down again) You were right it was a “cheap” Tyre. But I Learned a lesson.

You may not need tyres safe up to 150mph,but as you should know having been in the motor trade for so long,using a tyre with a lower speed rating than fitted by the manufacturer will invalidate your insurance in the event of a claim.That is apart from the safety implications.
For me,and from the comments others too,the benefits far outweigh the cost.
You asked a question to which you received sensible answers,no need to make(wrong)assumptions.

Hi, I’m not having a go at anyone I’m just trying to be realistic! On the subject of insurance being voided, I have been advised on this site that I can fit different sizes of tyres and also radial instead of crossplys, not what these bikes were originally fitted with, how would the insurance view that in the event of a claim? Cheers Paneuro.

I too spent a large portion of my life in the motor trade before leaving to actually make a decent living. Im afraid I cannot understand your line of reasoning with tyres for your bike. You should easily be able to get a pair , fitted for 200 ish. Depending on your annual mileage i would imagine these would probably last you 2 to 3 years. Surely that isnt prohibitively expensive? If it is then i would like to know where you usually get your tyres from.

On the point of the advice about different sizes and radials over crossply as opposed to load/speed rating you really should know better. The sizes are options that are suitable and would in no way impact the bike and radials are a positive upgrade.They still have to meet or exceed the original Load/speed rating.


You may not want to put tyres that are the correct speed and load rating on it to save a few quid, but sadly your insurance company won’t agree with you if you drop it.

As somebody in the motor trade, you will understand that not all tyres are created equal.

Cheap rubber, made with the low sulphur vulcanising process is not the way forward when the only thing between you and the road is two square inches of it.

Radials are seen as a safety upgrade (they are). Going up one size on the width and down one on the profile is seen as a necessary change due to available equipment, and is covered under the ‘no modifications’ clauses as acceptable.

The caveat to both is the speed and load rating.

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Hi guys, I’ve already said I’m not having a go at anyone, and I have not said I can’t afford to buy tyres for my bike!!! I just think the tyre people are ripping us off. It’s like debating with the wife on here, do I want to be right or happy? After 55 years I think I’m going to go for happy!!! Cheers Paneuro.

Hi guys, the best deal I can get is for Bridgstone BT023 at £175.00 with free delivery from the Visor shop.
what’s your thought’s ? Paneuro.

That’s a good deal,the BT23 is a good tyre,I’ve used quite a few of them.If you are able to remove the wheels yourself you should be able to get them fitted for £10-12 a rim