Oil Pressure issue VF 1000f 1984

Hi Brains Trust, my 84 VF1000F oil light is flickering at idle (1100rpm) when the engine is hot, increase the idle to 1800rpm and the light goes out. When cold the light is off, was thinking I will need check the oil pickup , bypass valve and the pump. I did check the oil pressure with a gauge and found the best pressure I could get at 5000 rpm was 40 PSI, the low end of the spec in the book is 67 PSI ( 77± 10 )
Does any know if 40 PSI is ok to run?
Am I on the right track before I start pulling things apart?

Any info appreciated…Tony (Australia)

Best to drop the sump and check the pick up screen,you may simply have a clogged pickup

Thanks for the prompt reply Bif, in your experience have you heard of oil pressure at 40PSI?

With cold engine the oil is thicker, so pressure should be higher. The more rpm the higher the pressure. So it seems to be not an electrical problem, as you measured with external meter.

How much km / mls has the bike? I would agree to Bif, If it is not the sump you should be able to get the pump out for further inspection.


It has just had a refresh with new rings and bearings, however there was an incident when running in where the incorrectly tensioned oil/water bump drive can\me off with a small amount of the inside casing. Although this was repaired and oil changed, the oil pickup was not checked and as Bif has indicated may have partially blocked the intake screen.

I’ve seen the pressure in the 10s at tickover but 40 does seem low for 5k rpm.
From your last post I think you are on the right track with the pickup screen