Phillip Island

Hi All,

Its that time again when we think about SUPER BIKES at Phillip Island.

2 of my brothers and I get together with some mates and ride to Phillip Island every 2 years.
It started back in 2005 and has been going ever since.
My XR600 dons the road wheels and migrates down and got me there and back with no troubles but now i have got the VF going so time to retire the XR to scrub only.

We leave from Sydney on the Wednesday before the w/end and take a leasurely ride down back roads to arrive on the track side camp ground on Friday about lunch time, then PARTY all w/end till time to leave camp Monday and return to Sydney on the Wednesday.

As Super Bike dates are decided around October, i have no idea what w/end this will be yet, but they always send me a ticket application around that time so date will be confirmed then.

Anyone interested in making the trip with us is more than welcome. more the merrier as they say (all are welcome).
It doesnt matter what bike you ride as we have all types I.E. my VF1000, GPZ1100, GPZ900, KTM950SE, FZ1000, Triumph Thruxton 950 XS1100 and FJ750. possibly a couple of others as well.
we have an absolute ball and the riding is superb.

looking forward to meeting new riders.


Supers are on 22nd to 24th February.
My brothers, mates and I will be leaving around near the Crossroads pub (Casula) on Wednesday 20th Feb and returning 27th Feb.
Leasurely ride to the Island arriving on Friday and partiing till Monday camping trackside.
we do on average 2500kms for the week.
This year i think we may be staying at Cooma pub or Deligate pub Wed night and Barnsdale pub Thur night. Still to be finalised.
All are welcome and it doesnt matter what bike you ride. hopefully we have a wide veriety.
Let me know if anyone is interested (the more the better) Looking forward to meeting new friends.

Hi All,
A little bit of on update, Leaving Cross Roads Hotel car park on 20th February at about 7.30am, head down to Goulburn turn off to Queenbeyan, then Cooma pub for lunch on Wednesday about 1pm. Lunch done, heading down to deligate pub to crash out for the night (or party). Thursday ride around on some back roads in Victoria to Barnsdale pub for more partying. Friday morning off to the track to set up camp and watch some racing and party till Monday. trip home still to be decided.
All wealcome to join us, doesn’t matter what you ride. hope to meat new riders and have some fun. MSG me if anyone interested.

Only 8 weeks to go and still no takers?
Party for a week away riding, how could you nock that back?

Guys, Id give my (remaining ) bollock to come with you, but alas cant. Its great to do a big trek to a race meeting, then have a good hoon - not forgetting the racing as well - then a nice ride home. Cant beat it. I do similar things to the Classic races here in Europe and Spa in Belgium as well as Chimay in Belgium. Theyre packed with all nationalities all getting on really well and getting blasted together. Camping is cheap and being woken by the early practice sessions really gets you in the swell of it. I`d love to do Phillip Island, only seen it on the telly.

Good luck guys - take it steady.

Thanks Martin,
I am looking forward to it.
Working through the Christmas break to get some coinage and then we are off.
I have a couple of days off here and there but will need a bit of time to finish the ‘HO’ off and take for a couple of good test runs up the highway, rode to work last Friday and had a blast.
Right side fork leaking again, highway pegs need a little tweek and i might put a kit through the starter (troubles starting when hot and i do know that the plate and brushes are burnt (have had it apart before i put back on the road))
Getting gift vouchers for MCA (Motor Cycle Accessories) so may be investing in a new gearsak bag.
Still thinking about putting the oil guage back on.

Anyways, cant sit here talking all day, Work to do etc. you know how it is.

Take care one and all and have a safe and happy break.

Hey Paul, would love to go, but a $38,000 tax bill might just keep this little black ass home this summer! And maybe the next!

Sorry to hear about the robbing TAX barstards Tony, still coming to Cooma pub for lunch on Wednesday 20th?

I doubt the ATO can stop me from having lunch and a beer!

It’s probably going to slow me down for a while but it’s nothing we can’t overcome/negotiate with them about, just awesome timing on their part. I just hope I don’t have to sell too many toys to sort this shit out. A minor setback, I will be glad when it’s over.

The ride sounds like it will be brilliant, there are some excellent roads on the way to and from the Island, I guess the most boring part will be the home stretch on the Hume Highway north of Canberra.

The most boring part is getting to Goulburn on the Hume. We want to go through Deligate again and maybe Manaro Hyway on the way back. Gotta go to WaggaWagga on the way back for a training course and sleep in a motel for Wed and Thur night, so looks like i might head up snowy highway from Cooma on Wed 27th, Then maybe the back roads up through Bathurst on the Friday.

How to spend an enjoyable extra two to three hours avoiding the boring bit on the Hume - go left instead of right form the Crossroads, down Heathcote Rd, right at the Princes Hwy and left at Lawrence Hargrave Drive. Take piccies of the Seacliff Bridge. Head down the hwy to Berry, right onto Woodhill Mountain Road, then along Moss Vale Rd (boring new speed limit and all). LHT at Sutton Forest, through Exeter, Bundanoon, Wingello & Tallong, coming out on the Hume a bit before Marulan. MILES out of your way, but a bloody nice ride for the most part! Cheers

All those place names remind me of an aus program i watched back in the fiftys when i was younger than i am now it was called whiplash (NO NOT ONE OF THOSE)[:)] it starred peter graves and the theme tune rhymed of a lot of names like gundagi its a bugger getting old i can remember that but can not remember last week[:D]

Down that way is a nice ride, i will put it past the others and see what we come up with. Maybe even go all the way down the coast to batemans bay and head up to Queenbeyan from there.

Only 2 and a half weeks before we head off.
Any takers?
Gunna be a fun ride!

Hi All,

Well it came and went and i had a blast.

We left on Wed 20th, My brother Pat and I met up with a mate Glen at Cooma and camped out on the NSW/VIC border on Deligate river for the first night. I hit a bird doing about 140 on the way with my right glove and my mate and brother both said the bird was dead as poo. We stayed at Churchill pub on Thursday night and got to the track side camp ground about lunch time Friday. the ride down was great.
We partied all weekend and stayed till Monday morning about 10am. On the Monday morning headed to Orbost to stay for the night and the heat was extreme, when i opened my visor the heat just took my breath away and i had to close the visor straight away.
On Tuesday we headed through Deligate river again and saw about 20 wobblies dancing off into the scrub before i hit a cow coming into deligate. YES I HIT A COW, and it was a very mooooving experiance, but i got over it in like calf an hour.
No seriously my knee has a patch of bark off it about 3 inches in diamter but the bike came worse off. the cow just trotted off the dumb barstard.
We were heading north from deligate river to Deligater when we seen signs ‘catle on road’ so we slowed to about 60km/h, then we saw the cattle so we slowed even more till about 20km/h, then right at the last minute this dumb shit cow just jumped in front of me. I side swiped it and it threw me straight to the ground skidding about 3 metres. so it was a very slow off but the damage to the bike bought a tear to my eyes. Right side of bottom radiator is caved in, fairing is cracked and scratched to the shit house, tank has got 2 small dents from the handle bars, all my indicator mounts are snapped and lenses broken. no coolant leaks but it filled the carbies with fuel as i didn’t turn the ignition off untill i worked out what had happened. its not every day you expect a cow to jump at you. we taped the indicators back on and straightened as much as we could, took about CALF an hour to start but off we went. got to Cooma pub for lunch at about 12 and then my brother Pat decided to do the 4 hours home instead of staying at Cooma like planned, so i headed to Wagga. I needed to be in Wagga for a training coarse.
I left Cooma pub and as soon as i turned onto the snowy highway it started raining all the way to Wagga. saw a big red which scared the crap out of me, he hopped towards the road as i approched and then changed direction into the scrub, very frightening after collecting the cow and as my phone was not working, on my own and hadn’t seen a car or bike for a while. I made it to Wagga at about 5.30pm got a motel, had a shower and a good feed and was ready for bed.
Stayed at Wagga RSL for Wed and Thur night then on Friday decided to go the back way home through Cowra and Bathurst for something different, from Wagga to Cowra copped cyclonic winds riding the bike on nearly 50deg. and then from Cowra copped rain all the way home again. 4 hours of pissing down rain.
I got home about 4 pm and was welcomed lovingly by my wife and kids, even the dog pissed itself.
it feels good to be loved.

Tony, sorry i didn’t get back to you at cooma but due to the situation, (phone not working) hopefully we can catch up for a beer another day

Cheers all and stay away from cows, they hurt.

No problem Paul, sorry I was unable to meet you for lunch on the way down! I’m sure that beer will keep for another day.

Bloody hell Paul, you sound like you really were in the wars. Could have been ride in Pommieland with all that rain ? I thought people left Britain for Aus to get away from all that stuff.
Good to hear you managed it all in one piece and hope the bike gets back together again without too much cost and effort.


We really have had British weather lately Martin, I have been trying to paint my VF but all this wet weather has made it almost impossible, mind you I would rather be annoyed at the inconvenience than having to ride in it like Paul had to!

It wasn’t too bad as years ago rode a GS550 77 model every day to and from work for about 2 years straight rain, hail or shine.
Oh, hang on, that was 15 years ago. Gee time flies when your having fun.
The Phillip island trip went so quick.
Gunna put off fixing the ‘HO’ for a while and just ride it like it is untill i can find/afford the indicator mounts and stuff i need.