Project RRR

Time to get moving with the 500,I’ve ordered a gasket set to rebuild the school engine I have and have pretty much everything else it needs.
I have a vfr400 rear wheel to modify to fit,it matches the interceptor front that is going on and lets me fit a 130/70 rear tyre instead of the original 110/90.
There is a rebuilt white power rear shock at the back and valve emulators on the front to sort the suspension,1000 calipers on the front to sharpen up the brakes.
The rear caliper is F4 cbr600 to suit the 220mm disc on the VFR wheel

Regards Bif

Use the 110 rear tyre fella, on the 500 more is actually less. 130 will rub against the chainguard too if you’re not careful. The standard tyre sizes apparently are the best all round compromise, despite how skinny they look.

There is a kit available from the US which would put the bike on 110/70-17 front and 140/70-17 rear this is the standard CBR600H/J wheel and tyre combo.
I have opted for the easier VFR400 route (also prefer the style) and will use the 100/90-16 and 130/70-18 selection.
It works for the VFR and requires no mods for the VF so has to be worth a go in my mind.
Regards Bif

sounds like an interesting project bif…and your garage is far too tidy

It’s all in the angle of the camera Pete I can assure you.
I did have to do a lot of rearranging to make room for the frame,a single garage a 9 foot workbench a freezer and 3 other bikes makes it tight to say the least.
I have a trip oop north at the weekend and then the Bol and the Bird will be going up to the store for the winter and I can blast on with the 500.
Who knows perhaps it may join us on our Scottish tour.
Regards Bif

Bif, that sounds an interesting project you’ve got on there. If you have the 500 ready for May next year I started to think maybe that could give me a deadline for mine to be ready. Then I realised that riding for 2 days up to Scotland from the south of England before the fun even begins made no sense when I’ve got a lovely lolloping VF1000FF sitting in the garage itching to canter up there.

The 500 was never intended to be my ride,you’ve met me Martin for those who have not think gorilla on a tricycle.
I promised my now son in law that I would build him a bike if he passed his test.needless to say I’m further on than he is.
Regards Bif

There was a lovely VF500F2 for sale at Stafford last weekend - £1,500.00 asking price.

The classic mags are doing a fine job of driving prices up on these,the real surprise to me was the jump in the price of a 750.
2 years ago they were changing hands for under £500 for a reasonable example.
Try finding one now and it’s nearer to £1000.
Great if you’re selling not so much if you’re buying
Regards Bif

This is why i’m keeping all mine, even the scruffy 1000 i bought of Ken.
All running lovely now too, very very happy.

Collected the rear end today,VFR400 wheel in and caliper fitted.
Only two spacers required for this mod along with a small extention on the swing arm mount for the caliper.
Now its off for blasting and paint

Regards Bif

hi bif,
the rear wheel and caliper looks a neat job, did the tab for the caliper bracket weld to the swing arm ok.

It was fairly easy,the original cast tab was checked out giving plenty of room for a good weld onto the bottom as well as the top of the new fixing
Regards Bif

Just a random question please. How do I get my photos to transfer full size like yours ? When I transfer direct from my PC gallery they come out really small on the site. Do I need to use Photobucket ?


I have all my photos uploaded to Dropbox then inside the square brackets put img width=600
that does the trick.
regards Bif

Thanks Bif, this is what I found when cleaning up the front brake caliper hangers. Got knows how you do damage like this but I’m hunting out a replacement so when the numpty on ebay decides he wants to reply to my enquiry about the one he has for sale I should be sorted.

DOT 5 brake fluid maybe did that. Too much pressure, and snap/shear.

Oh dear, I seem to have replied to the wrong place. ( Should have gone to VF500 )

Something tells me its more likely to have been a frontal impact which twisted the disc within the calliper.

Looks like impact damage,the fractured parts don’t carry any compressive load anyway.
I would not use dot 5 fluid on the road as it allows condensation to pool in any low point in the caliper.
dot 5.1 on the other hand has similar properties to dot 4 but a much higher boiling point almost eliminating brake fade.
Let me know if you are stuck for a bracket and I will hunt one out
Regards Bif