Project RRR


Managed a bit of free time over the weekend and got a bit of a move on with RRR.
I’ve gone with all the bits and pieces first,leaving the engine fitting for now.
Fork lowers need paint and the front calipers a rebuild so that will keep me out busy for the rest of the week.

            [img width=600][/img]

Regards Bif


Bif, I’ve got a Clymer manual coming to me for Christmas but in the meantime do you know what the valve ( tappet) clearances are for the F2 please ?



The Honda manual says 0.12 for the inlet and 0.13 for the exhaust
Regards Bif


12 thou and 13 thou. That’s quite big gaps isn’t it.




That’s in mm Martin


DOH… Showing my age again. Ta


The engine I bought that came from a college has a few bits missing so I began stripping a spare engine I had at the same time to compare and use as a source of bolts etc.
The 500 model like the 1000 had a change in cylinder head design in 1985,line bored heads and longer cam bearings.The project bike came with one of each,the FF being in the frame and a runner having replaced the original FE unit for reasons unknown.
Every picture tells a story,guess what this one says

So with a totally blocked strainer chances are it was knocking like a good un.
I will keep the FF engine complete as a back up,spares for the baby VF are as scarce as the 1000.
Regards Bif


well bif, classic,
thats got to win first prize in the blocked oil pick up catagory, i particularly like the range of coloured gasket seals used by the previous owner,
would be interesting to see if the mains and/or big end bearings are shot to pieces though.


Ye Bif! That classy blue gasket sealant worm looks so nice! lol


The poor thing must have had the worst case of oil asthma attack for any VF. It goes to show, most of the problems these old bikes end up with are caused by the owners not the manufacturers.


I can’t get a hold of a flywheel puller until tomorrow so I have been looking at the gasket set for the bike.
I have come up quite a few Orings short so I have made a list of the sizes and their location and will order them up from my supplier.As there is a minimum order of 5 per size I will have extra of each.
If anyone is in need of one or more,feel free to contact me.
Regards Bif


Thanks Bif. As I work my way through my similar restoration to yours, I might well need to contact you.


Cousin Andy dropped off the panels for RRR,I made the mistake of giving them to a mate of his who is a painter to trade.He now is an instructor for police firearms officers,that should have been the clue.
Now looking for a reputable paint shop to redo my paint work.
I’m down the £140 for the decals and months of waiting,you live and learn.
Regards Bif


Sorry to hear that Bif. Being a firearms person you can’t even get nasty with him.


I wouldn’t be so sure, lets just say if you’re a firearms person going up against Bif - bring a lot of ammo LOL 8)


After a wait of 3 weeks a parcel arrived from D S spares,unusual for them I have the bags for 8 half shells and only 7 shells.Phone call required tomorrow to sort that out.
Tyres were ordered and duly arrived,only the front is a 110 and not the 100 ordered,Email is off to try and sort that out.
So I have spent a couple of nights trying to get the wheels to look the way I want,the finished result is not too bad in my opinion

Regards Bif


Finally got a bit of time and my garage head on so have made some progress on the 500.Martin was saying on the last trip his 500 was almost ready for an MOT,I’ve a long way to go.
Wheel forks and brakes are sorted

And the rear with a 3inch rim and 130 section tyre

At least the chassis is mobile now and can be moved to accommodate another little job that has turned up
Regards Bif


hi bif,
work looks top notch, if you carry on with the same attention to detail it will look stunning when you’ve finnished.


Well said Pete. Mine is standard and nowhere near as interesting as this one will be. I’m looking forward to seeing it completed. I must say, looking at how cheaply these superb 500’s can be got for, a project like this appeals.


1.3 mega pixel size seems to work for me using :slight_smile: