Project RRR


Now the RF is roadworthy and hasn’t thrown up any nasty surprises,it’s back to work on RRR.
The school engine bottom end is now complete but is costing a fortune in helicoils.
I was fitting the clutch casing tonight only to find 10 of the 13 retaining bolts threading into SFA
Progress was slowed having to drill and helicoil all 10.
I moved onto the rear cylinder head only to find another 12 M6 threads in need of repair.
I really do wonder at these would be spanner monkeys not having access to a torque wrench,just glad they’re not working on my bike.
Pics to follow as time allows Bif


I guess that’s the downside to getting an unused engine ( good ) but then giving it to testosterone fuelled 16 year old oiks ( bad)
Just as well you’ve got your own helicoil kit. I haven’t, so where’s a good place to get one ?



They are easily obtainable on eBay Martin,the length of the inserts are given as multiples of the diameter,e.g. For M6 you have 1D at 6mm,2D at 12 and 3D at 18
I would certainly recommend having the M6 and M8 kits in the workshop they have saved the day on many occasions
Regards Bif


Thanks Biff, Christmas is a-comin and my son will need a nudge so this could be just the ticket.