project vf1000ff/fe


Yup, I fitted the exhaust collector cos I wanted to see the tailpipes on before I finished one night,only to see the centre stand tube and spring sitting ready to go on,not good.
Having a bearing size is good tho,maybe it’s just what Windy needs for his too.
Regards Bif


been adding a few more bits back on, the finishing post still looks a long long way off.


bikes looking good Pete what is the rear shock off and did you get it respringed


hi paul,
thanks, the rear suspension is from a cbr600f, one of the early models that has a forked lower suspension end, i bought a couple off ebay cheep to see how easy it was to extend them to vf length, turned out to be pretty easy to make the extension out of mild steel box section,
i haven’t re sprung them, me being a light weight i can just get away with the pre load turned up to max, the one that i fitted to my original vf has done quite a bit of mileage this year, carried all the luggage to the vf meet with no problems, its certainly better than my dead vf shock, i wouldn’t want to carry a pillion though.
the one that’s fitted to the project bike isn’t much good, it has virtually no damping, so it will need to be changed. if there’s enough money left in the pot i will get an aftermarket shock for it,


Christmas came early in the shape of this Delkevic DS70 stubby can, i ordered the kit for the vfr1200 but to be honest the link pipe isn’t going to get the exhaust into the correct position so i’m going to have to bend a piece of 50mm stainless tube up and make my own,
my plans are to convert the original collector box into a 4-1, going to open the right side outlet pipe up to 50mm and blank off the left…


fitted the exhaust, need to make a bracket to support the can, tomorrow… fit battery, plugs and pinch petrol tank from other vf… then start it up… again…


Hi Pete exhaust looks good will be nice to see her up and running


well, i knew my luck was changing for the better, put the vacuum gauge’s on the bike fully expecting to have a session of burnt knuckles, swearing and throwing spanners… but no… the carb’s are spot on, which is a miracle, i normally have to do a few adjustments.
the engine sounds good, just a faint chatter from the top end on tick over, this disappears completely at 1500 revs, i will probably reset the valve clearances when ive got a few miles on the clock, the oil pressure light goes out on the turn of the starter motor, so i don’t think the larger sized top end oiler pipes are going to have any negative effects.
The exhaust is a big surprise, its no louder than the twin pipe setup i have on my fe, the bike seems to rev freely so i dont think the single outlet pipe is restricting anything, but i suppose i will find that out when i get to ride it and put the engine under load…


Good going Pete. Luck will always change eventually, if you keep a positive mind. Do you think she’ll be ready for Hulme End ??? ;D



Hulme end. :o :o… im aiming to be ready for stafford in april, then over the water for the Dijon trip ::slight_smile:


new starter motor arrived today, all the way from America, including import tax and vat, delivered to your door £64, how is that possible :o :o,
Just fitted it onto the bike and it spins the motor over a treat, think my days of refurbishing starters is over.


:wink: I got the same from Caltric for the VFG and the R…


That’s amazing Pete. I’ve started tarting up my VF500 starter - mainly cosmetic but as the 2 long screws are bollocksed I think I’ll just get Uncle Sam to send me one and save a lot of aggro and definitely get a much better result.
Can you P.M. me the details please mate.



hi fred,
it was a posting that you made some time back that persuaded me to order a new starter from america, i looked into getting one from the USA a few years ago but they were about £140 then and i wasn’t sure if they would fit the vf1000 as they were listed for the 750… so many thanks fred.

Hi martin,
this is the ebay listing where i got mine from [ebay]301419786226[/ebay] i dont know if these starters fit the vf500, took about 10 days to arrive but i did order it over the crimbo period.


Pete, thanks for that. Can you give me some measurements of it please plus any tech spec which may have come with it perhaps i.e. amperage etc.


hi martin,
there was no information came with the starter, just had a quick look on ebay, i dont think they will fit the vf500, the spiggoted end that goes into the crank case looks much bigger on the vf1000 one, and they are a different part numbers, there is a ebay listing for new vf500f starter but its a fair bit dearer [ebay]121155395503[/ebay]


Thanks Pete, forget my recent PM to you. I’m out of sync with my p.m.'s verses this board.



just thought i would update this thread and mention the starter motor,
After having the clutch cover off i have noticed that they are not an exact fit like i first thought, the splined end is slightly shorter, if you just fit it through its original mounting holes it only runs on about half of the ring gear, i have slotted both of its mounting holes which has allowed me to push it a bit further in, it still dosen’t connect with all the ring gear, but it is better
I dont know whether this will create any problems in the future, the french vf’ers have been using these for a while now with no issues.


It’s true, most of us over here use the Caltric starters on our VF (I have had one on my VFG for 2 years now without problem and one on my VF1000R since march last year)…


yes fred, i still think they are the best option available, and far better than refurbing a “used to death” vf starter, especially at the price…

Im hopeing to have the ff/fe bike finished for the end of march, progress has been slow because work has taken over everything at the moment, still got plenty of mechanical things to sort out, and a list of things to buy, tyres, brake/clutch levers, bar end weights, rear shock, cbr600 rear disc… the list goes on, and on, and on,