project vf1000ff/fe


well done Pete nearly there mate


You’ll have to get some new knee sliders now Pete.


cheers paul…knee sliders martin… youve seen me ride… stabilisers may be more appropriate ;D


My first excursion into tank sealing, and ive got to say, it was easier than i thought it would be…assuming it works…


Wow Pete!

In awe here.

The VTR set up looks pretty good and is certainly food for thought.

I used that electrolysis method on an old ZXR750 tank too and it worked a treat.

I have an old ZXR750R with the alloy tank but I dinged it slightly in a track day incident, so I went back to an old steel one I had ditched from a previous bike. It was rusted enough to feck up the carbs but not enough to threaten it structurally.

A good 24 hour electrolysis session sorted it out and it has been in use ever since.

Keep up the updates and remember the golden rule — pictures, or didn’t happen :wink: