Project vf1000R

just thought I would share a few pics of my ongoing project, its a vf1000r,1985 American import, I picked it up off ebay sometime back as a non runner, the bloke I bought it off was quite genuine and assumed it was a battery or electrical fault, turned out to be the usual lazy starter motor issue, ordered a new vf750f one from the states and it fires up on the button every time.
The bodywork and fairings are pretty good except the seat unit needs quite a bit of repair and some new paint, the frame and all the black bits needed repainting,





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Good to see you haven’t lost your enthusiasm for a project Pete,there looks to be some interesting wheels near the door,a wheel conversion on the cards praps?
Regards Bif

Hi bif… it’s taken me a while to get motivated on this one, work this year has taken over everything and continues to do so… I think now it’s started I should be able to get into it…
Ten out of ten for observation, yes I’m planing to fit it with cbr600f3 wheels same as I had on the project ff/fe along with the modified vtr1000 front end, going to go with the same rear brake set up as on your modified R…
Hopefully I should be able to get in the garage tonight for a couple of hours and get a few more bits stuck on.

managed to get a few more bits and bobs sprayed up over the last few weeks,


assembled most of the front end today, new taper bearings in steering stem, calliper’s rebuilt with all new seals and pads, luckily piston had been replaced with stainless by previous owner and were still in good condition, new oil and seals in forks.



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Looking good Pete,seeing the front end assembled on yours makes me think I’m going to need a fender extender for sure.
My R was sitting next to my FE today and I can confirm that fighting Red looks almost orange when compared with the red on the FE decals.
Keep up the good work mate Bif

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Can you give a bit more detail on the VTR front end?
Can you use the FF stanchions with the VTR fork lowers and internals?

I already have a CBR wheel conversion, but if I could re-use the FF stanchions, I’d be laughing!
Mine are gold, don’t you know.

The brakes are the only thing that seriously need upgrading for me.

hi ascalon,
to get the vtr1000 front end to work on the vf I had some new fork tubes made up 60mm longer than the originan vtr1000 stansions, then just extended the damper rod and needles by the same amount, this makes the forks overall 12mm shorter than the standard R forks,
I don’t think it would be easy to use vf fork tubes with the vtr1000 lowers and internals because you would need to use the vtr fork caps which are a different thread size to the vf fork caps

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Thanks Pete, that’s great.

It’s never bloody simple. is it? :slight_smile:

One last question, was it hard to get the VTR yokes matched up to a steering stem to suit the VF frame?


Hi ascalon
The vtr yokes have a shorter steering stem so would need extending if you were to use them.
I just used the vf yokes, it’s much easier as you don’t need to alter the fuse box steering stops or ignition lock.

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A few more bits prepared, I was tempted to try masking off the radiator fins and powder coating it, instead I opted for “black” high temp paint which looks grey in comparison to the other coated bits.




Looking good Pete.

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managed to get a few more bits done, the rear wheel swap has been problematic and swallowed loads of time up, mainly due dodgy rear wheel and sprocket carrier, I bought what looked to be a nearly mint cbr600f3 rear wheel, great, not so, somebody had re powder coated it, unfortunately they had put lovely thick powder coating all in side where the cush rubbers go, they had also removed the hub bush, then forced it back on over the coating so it wasn’t sitting square to the wheel, all this meant the sprocket carrier was being pushed off line, making it a nightmare to line up, so ive binned that wheel for now and am using the f3 wheel and sprocket carrier set up i had on the ff/fe ,



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Liking that Pete!

What manner of shock is that?

It’s a wilbers 640, I bought it from ebay germany, made up to my specifications at the wilbers factory, it cost just short of 400 slackers, not cheep, but not dear, but excellent quality.


Hi Pete, a lot of time, labor and love you putting into the bike. It’s looking very nice, great job. Looking forward to see the end results.

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Thought is looked a bit familiar. There’s a Wilbers 641 in the back of mine. :+1:

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A few more bits hung on the vf, will have to get my finger out, the scotland trip is fast approaching and theres still loads to do, 20190305_224008

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Looking good Pete!

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Looking good, really like the brush holder on the rear. Where are you going to put the fire blanket? Or have you fitted a sprinkler system. Look forward to seeing it and your good self in Scotland.

Looking tasty Pete,with a whole 8 weeks to go I’m sure you can do it