Scottish Tour 2018

Hi all does anyone have a date for next year’s Scotland trip yet, as I need to book the time off

Looks like May 4-7 2018 for the Scottish bash next year.
There are plenty more fabulous roads to ride,time to get my thinking cap on.
It’s never too early to register interest,it gives me a head start on finding suitable accommodation
Best regards Bif

Yep… those dates are good for me… can’t wait.

That weekend always clashes with a French Trip we do. Bugger ! Have fun boys.

Don’t think the silver wing would quite have the juice anyway Martin.
Was chatting to Pete last night about this trip,I have a thing about not going north without including Glen Coe in the itinerary,it didn’t seem to be a problem as it is a fantastic piece of road anyway.
I’m looking to take us farther east next year to take in the fabulous Fettercairn forest route above Arbroath and up to the whisky trail in land from Aberdeen(may be worth a visit)and on to Inverness.
It is possible to do John Ogroats from there too and perhaps a (very)fast blast along the north coast road and down to Ullapool.
Just a few Ideas lads,I’m open to suggestions so have a look at what you would like to see
Regards Bif

You’re probably right about the Silverwing Biff however the VF 500 would give a good account of itself ( but not in my hands). ;D

Hi Biff.

Would love to do Scotland trip but in london till the Friday. Where will the first night be? If its not too far north I should be able to get home and swap to the bike and still get there.


The first night is most likely to be in or near Dundee.
We are looking at sampling a few of the delights the east of Scotland has to offer.
If you don’t mind the slog up the motorway,you could be with us in time to down a couple before bed.
It would be great to have you along
Regards Bif

Hi Biff, hopefully I will be using the train for london trip so 290 miles on the bike should be no problem, although it will be the furthest I’ve ridden the RE! So count me in, I’m looking forward to it as long as you can guarantee the availability of beer and haggis.


It’s Scotland,there will be beer and haggis in abundance.
You can be sure of a very warm welcome from all the VF crew.
I will use this thread to post up the details as they are worked out.
Anyone else who would like to make the trip please indicate your interest here so I have some numbers to go on when sorting accommodation.
Regards Bif

Hi Bif
count me in mate

Got you Paul,that’s a head count of seven to date.
Accommodation on the west coast is tight due to the Scottish six day trial(that’s what all the police were in Fort William for Pete,not your tax being out for a day)
Friday night will be in Dundee at the premier inn next to the sea front (£24 not including breakfast)
Saturday will be in Bettyhill on the north coast (£43 including breakfast)
Sunday in Pitlochry (still negotiating)
Twin rooms so we will all have to buddy up.
Be assured of fabulous roads as well as beer and haggis for the true disciples.
GMCC has not as yet confirmed but I will book for 8 anyway.
Any other interested parties need to confirm sooner rather than later.
Regards Bif

Definitely in Bif. Loooking forward to it tremendously

Pitlochry booked at a backpacker hostel we have used before,twin ensuite rooms at £25.50 a head.
Bring it on Bif

Hi Bif,
I would like to come on this trip but last summer I developed ear problems and have not been able to ride the VF much since then, long story short the ears don’t seem to like excessive wind noise despite using earplugs and a quite lid. I’m just about OK on a naked/very low screen bike or one with a big screen but a mid height screen like on the VF is a problem.
However, they are slowly improving so I’ve not given up on the VF yet.
Has anyone any suggestions for a lower or much taller screen ?

I found a plastic windscreen from some old Kawasaki Sport Bike on a China ebay site, was only $20;

Its “normal” here but later mounted it Up-Side-Down, with Stand-Offs, helped.
Note that Factory Screen is cut down, needed to get the secondary screen higher, so put a stock factory screen back ON and the secondary was then mounted higher.
Wind (bugs) now plaster’d on about 1/2 way up my Visor and quieter.
Any higher and it cuts off too much road vision.
Tall screen interfered with helmet cam videos
Help’d a lot in rain though.
Was only on for a long tour.
Now back to Original Factory screen.

But what really helps is Custom Molded Ear Speakers.

Sound Block is so good I can’t tell if the bike is running (have to look at tach).
Starting out in 1st gear is tricky.

Its the most expensive solution ($300cdn), but I shoulda done it 35 years ago.
I ordered 2 speakers (one “normal” plus 1 woofer(needed for good tunes)).
2 woofers are available but overkill for biking.
“CrossOver” is crude (capacitors).
They fit into the Ear Pocket, so they don’t slip out, can tug on them a lot.
They are plugged into a SENA10c Blueteeth/1080p/FM thingy,… so can yap to buddy, take/make phone calls and listen to Music in Quiet, and Fidelity, from your phone in the tank bag (and power’d off the bike).
Look Ma, No Wires.
I gots 2000+ mp3 tunes in it (in Random Mode).
Can’t hear the Cop Sirens behind you either.
Foam Ear plugs aren’t even close.
Can’t even hear anyone yelling at you (bonus, unless you are at a Customs Border Crossing,…).
Custom molded means can have’em on all day.
Get a SENA and do it, even if you have no one to yap to.

Made a huge difference to me, another level of riding enjoyment.

Thanks for the ideas Vf1000.

In the past I’ve played about with screens on other bikes but not this one…yet.

Have also been thinking of adding some sort of ear piece to the lid so maybe the moulded ear plugs would work. One thing that has put me off them so far is that when my other half used to ride she tried some moulded ear plugs and just could not get them to work, the guy tried three times but for her they were worse than foam ones…but I guess we are all different.

Thanks again.

yeh bill ive already booked the time of work. pity marmite cant make it.
can recommend an award winning curry place at bonner bridge.
dought we go that way, mind you not many roads up there

aye bill gmcc all good for scotish and Hulme end. have to beg on one knee to wife for money .
agh but thats life eh.

Bif, do you need a deposit for hotels or just pay on the day?