Scottish Tour 2018


Managed to find the time to mot the R yesterday… Will do an oil and filter change before heading for the high ground… this will be the longest trip I’ve done on the R, just got to figure out how to slim my luggage down, ruck sack and tank bag looks like being the way to go.
Will try get the boldor mot’d next week as a back up bike, just incase :slight_smile:


Hi Gary,the hotels are paid for so it’s just a case of squaring up with me on the day.
Dundee is £24 Bettyhill is £43 but includes breakfast and Pitlochry is £25.50.
I don’t think 3 nights accommodation for under £100 is bad.
Best regards Bif


Excellent! Same as pete this will be furthest ive been on the R. Not sure what time I will be arriving on the friday so if you can let me know hotel location and where you will all be, in the pub is my best guess! Have you got a route sorted to put in a sat nav or is there only one road when you get that far into the highlands?



We are booked into the Premier Inn Riverside Drive Dundee DD1 4XA.
If you are pushed for time and just want to get there(before all the beer is gone) the quickest way is M6 to Carlisle,M74 to Glasgow,M73,M80,M9 to Stirling then A9 to Perth.There you pick up the A90 then A85 into Dundee.
That’s about four and a half hours riding.
Really looking forward to seeing everyone there,regards Bif


Cheers for your efforts Bif, am looking forward to the trip, just hope weather improves, vf is now running great, just need to clean tank out, looking forward to seeing you all soon


Just managed to up;oad the routes for the trip to my TomTom.A more computer savvy person would no doubt be able to post them on here but I’m afraid I am a Luddite.
The routes are awesome and I cannot wait. Just need to get the Bol D’Or back together.


These are the Routes (I hope)

Day one vf trip.itn (610 Bytes)

Day2 vf trip.itn (790 Bytes)

Day 3 vf trip.itn (568 Bytes)


Right have found a new app for us all to use and share routes. It is the Tyre MyRoute-app.
Follow this link and ask to join the group.

This is the link for the app, it is free


Hi frew, have downloaded the app and registered and sent a request to join the group if you could ok it. Do you know if it works with garmin as I got a garmin zumo from aldi last year to replace my old tom tom and was only £100 the tom tom ride was way too expensive!



Frew ive managed to import your tomtom files into tyre and send them to my garmin, thanks it looks like a fantastic ride! Just need to get some more miles under my belt before may. The R feels more different to the FE than I thought it would and not sure if its the 16 inch front wheel or the pirelli sports demon but the front feels very different, it may also be the cold weather and slippery roads.



Great work Johnboy,you say you are a Luddite so not sure what that makes me,I marked the route out and calculated the miles with a map and a pencil(not so easy to read at speed) lol


Hi guys. I have approved the requests to join the myroute-app. If anybody wants to join it I will add them as soon as I see the request. The route looks great to me and hats off to Bif for the planning.


Hi john, still trying to get my head around the program and may have sent another request to join group even though you have ok it. The people who make these programs should realise the average age of a British biker is about 50 these days and we’re all a bit ludite! And my job is computer and electronic based, my apprentices would all laugh at me!



don’t worry gary, its not just you struggling, ive managed to down load the maps from the myroute app straight onto my tomtom, now all I need to do is figure out how to turn the bloody sat nav on :(, and where to put it when I have :o


No problem Gary there is actually a group on there as well as the scotland trip. You have joined both ;D
On that note if anyone has any good routes they can upload them to the group for everyone to use. Just another asset for the forum.
I am struggling with where to mount the satnav on the bol too


Yeh bill count me in. Who cares if ive no fuel gauge. Im sure ill get it fixed.
I hope


Dont worry Graham, we will make sure the fuel stops are sooner rather than later.


|f this is any help for anyone trying t find a suitable Satnav mount
I have found this


Ive got a Sena20 and it is very good.Really fancy some of those moulded earpieces.:heart_eyes: