Scottish Tour 2018


Hi all.
Was just wondering about meeting times and places… as far as I know myself, phil and Paul will be heading up from squires… are we meeting up with John at Carlisle or are we all meeting at Thornhill. .


I will have a chat with Bif and see what time he will be finished work then we can arrange a meet in Carlisle to suit . If that’s ok with everyone?


I’m booked off from 12 on the Friday,so if the riders from Englandshire want to meet at Carlisle as previous trips then aim to be at Thornhill for 12 that would be great
Regards Bif


ok bill I could be down at c/bridge for 12 or would u want me just to go to Abington.
mind you the the run up dalveen pass is good.
and john ive not managed the get routes eather but that’s fine .
bloody fuel gauge must be female fkn temperamental.


Hi guys, so what time do you want to meet at squires Pete on Friday


Whats up G? Anything I can help with the routes?


I will be at Carlisle McDonalds From about 10.15. It is about an hour and a half to Meet with Bif. Is that any good for people?


Hi Paul. .
Allowing for a little traffic and a fuel stop I recon it’s about 2.30 hours to carlisle from squires so I think we should set off from there no later than 7.45am … I’m up for setting off a little earlier if we wonna grab a bite to eat at Carlisle. .


Hi Bif can you let me have the postcodes for Bettyhill and Pitlochry I will pop them into the routes. Cheers bro.


If you can make it to Carronbridge for 12 we can all ride the pass together
Regards Bif


Postcodes are Bettyhill KW14 7SP and Pitlochry backpackers PH16 5AB
Regards Bif


Cheers Bif. I will amend the routes to include them.


All routes now have the postcoded final waypoint attatched.


Cheers john… Not long now


Looking forward to getting back on the old girl, hoping the work Ive done on her is ok and the Rear shock is ok.
It will be a blast!


All finally done for the MOT,but I want to flush the cooling system and fit my newly finished panels.
The jury is out on the Yoshi pipes,open your window on Saturday Pete,I want to see if they are too antisocial so will give them a try after the MOT
Just over a week and we are off,looking forward to seeing you all and enjoying some of Scotland’s finest
Regards Bif


Top man bif… Looking forward to seeing all the hard work you’ve put into the R… I’ll listen out on Saturday morning, I only live 170 miles away but I’m sure I should be able to hear the Yoshi’s…
I think this year I will be picking up the prize for “least worked on vf”
Looking forward to catching up with you all … 9 days and counting.


Well guys it is getting very close now. I am looking at doing a route back down country from Pitlochry as we will not have the pleasure of Bif’s company. Iknow some of us have a long way to go on Monday so if it isnt suitable just let me know. It will be on the MyRoute app anyway


Let me know what you think gentlemen


Hi all I wont be getting to dundee till about 10pm, ive got petes number but if everyone else is going to be in the pub I’ll need a contact number of a responsible adult! If there is one to let me know what is happening! Could you pm your number bif or let me know which pub your in.