Scottish Tour 2018


Not got to grips with how to PM yet so my mobile is 07921 673192
See you there mate


Ta bif see you friday. Dont drink all the beer before I get there!


some pics from Scotland:


no idea where we where but the view was awesome!


how many vf’s can you fit in a parking bay!! charge for parking and then let the Scots and Yorkshire lads do the rest.


Bettyhill Hotel car park.

forgot to take any more pics as more important things came up, like riding, drinking and eating! looking forward to next trip.



nice pics gary, yes it was as usual a fantastic weekend, I would just like to say thanks to bif for all his hard work organising so the rest of us can just “rock up and ride”, it was great to catch up with everyone… looking forward to Hulme end in august,
will post some pics up when the uk arm of the vf1000 road show hits spain in a few weeks, been brushing up on my Spanish…uno san Miguel, uno paella… think that should do for now. :grin:


Nice to see a few old V4’s together.
I’ll look forward to RR from Spain, where are you going, Picos, Pyrenees ???


Hi Bart. … the lodgings are at cantabria…