I have spoken to a guy today who can make me up new stainless downpipes front and rear and collector with a 10 warranty.
I am looking at getting 10 sets made and wondered how many people would be interested if the cost is realistic.



Count me in Alan as long as we can get a reasonable rate on postage from OZ to UK.Regards BIF

Excuse me being a numpty Alan,I was replying to Planty in OZ and got confused.I am still interested,get back to me with a price if you can get enough interest.Regards BIF

I’d be interested too, depending on price and assurances about quality/fit ?
Who is this guy, does he have a business doing exhausts, has he got a website ?
Also, another thought, why would you need to have rear downpipes made up, these are already ss aren’t they and two a penny from breakers ?
Anyway please count me in.

I am interested too, with same remark about rear downpipes: Originals would be the way to go.

I would be interested too if they fit an FF and the price is right!

I am going to see the guy today so i will come back with as much information as i can tonight.

Just a thought could these be produced with an extended front downpipe connector that would allow the downpipes to be cut off the old box and re-used without taking them off? That would simplify the change over process now and in the future. (although I guess being stainless they will outlast the bikes!)

Been up to meet the guy at OS Pipes today.He is an absolute magician with stainless steel.We decided to go for two options.
Option 1 is just the collector which will use the existing front and rear downpipes.Your stock front pipes will need to be cut from the old collector and the new collector will have longer pipes to enable clamping together with the now shorter stock pipes.The cost for this is going to be in the region of £200 depending on how many i order from him.
Option 2 is collector and two new front pipes.The cost for this is £340 as the front pipes are £70 each.

If needed he can also make stainless silencers to an exact copy of the stock can but in polished stainless around £360 per pair but if i can get 3 or more pairs made at the same time the cost will come down £40 or £50 per pair.

Shipping will have to be added and new gaskets for the rear pipes to join the collector.

He is going to make me a prototype collector for trial fitting and to make sure we have no issues.As soon as i have the trial one i will post up some pictures for you all to see.

Now we know the realistic ballpark costings anyone still interested please let me know so i can get it all organized as smoothly as possible.


I’d be definite for the Option 1 collector box ( without frt downpipes ) at about £200. I’d consider that “a result” !!
An advantage of this would be easier fitting/removal and a little more flexibility in terms of manufacturing tolerances, altho’ if your chap is really a magician he can prob get the fit spot on anyway !
Would the box be a fabrication to copy the stock box or a simplified smaller ( maybe tubular ? ) box ? If the later I wonder how it might affect performance ?
Anyway good work Alan these are much needed !

Tubular in construction and then boxed in.This guy really knows his stuff about bike exhausts,it is all he does.He is in last months classic mechanics mag with a new Triumph thruxton that he made some pipes for.Dynoed against the Triumph’s own fancy pipes he had 5-6 bhp more for the whole rev range and even Triumph were that impressed they wanted him to make the pipes for them,he showed me the paperwork from the Triumph factory.The tubular collector will free up a fair bit of power in the midrange as the std one is so restrictive when you look inside.
Please dont anyone be concerned about quality or whether it will fit because he is the best in the business.

Well seen as a decent second hand one is rarer than Santa’s summer shorts option 1s price seems reasonable. Wonder if it will go down if more owners invest. I bet this keeps many a VF on the road that would otherwise be scrapped. Gold medal to Crooky for doing the research!

I have been interested by the system Planty has in the sales and wants (he was after front pipes) These have no collector just a cross over pipe. Wonder if these work well. If so a much simpler design could be used just to attach the cut front and rear headers onto a similar cross over with pipes out to connect the silencers too. I expect this would be very much cheaper then having to manufacture a collector but would only be good if performance was maintained or improved. Not trying to upset the apple cart just a thought.

I also had a look at Planty’s system which at under £400 is good value.Postage costs to the UK and how efficient the crossover pipe would be were my concerns.If we can gain even a little power and have a collector that will last,Its worth £200 of my money.

Crooky, what type of pipework will be inside the new collector, will it be just a simple crossover pipe or will he be putting in bends and curves?
Just wondering how it would compare to the one I have?

bends and curves,not just a crossover pipe.I will get some pics posted up as soon as i can.I will give him a call on Monday to see if i can take some pics of the pipework when its all tacked up before finish welding so you all see the design.

the prototype collector is ready,Roy is sending it to me today so tomorrow i will take some pics and post up as soon as i recieve it.

I have the prototype now,i will post up pics tonight when i get home.

'getting excited now the FF is nearly ready to go needs a throttle twist lining, maybe a rear tyre and the collector then MOT! Watching for collector pics…

Here are some pics as promised of the prototype collector.None of the welds are dressed and none of it is polished it is purley for a test fitting to ensure the welding jigs are correct.