The Scottish Trip

During our recent jaunt to Derbyshire the notion of a Scottish trip was once again aired.
Paul did point out that its a fair haul for him as it would be for Marmite,so some careful planning will be required.
A ride taking in just some of the highlights will require a minimum of two days north of the Glasgow Edinburgh line.
For the best chance of some good weather the early May bank holiday weekend is usualy a good time.
A meet up at the Forth road bridge early doors Saturday would get us two full days in the good stuff with Monday free for everyone to make their way home.
I can sort accommodation out for Friday night close by and Sunday night on the return leg.
Your thoughts gentlemen please?
Regards Bif

that sounds like a plan to me, good idea about the accommodation each way…
For Paul and Marmite and anyone else heading up the A1 from the “deep south” squires is a good half way stop off/meeting point.

Count me in. Always up for a trip out. 8) 8)

Hi all, Yep count me in for that one, have just bought shares in kronenburg let me know when you find accommodation and i will either pay it or transfer funds to bif and let him sort it i might not be able to understand a broad Scottish accent over the phone

Best priced hotel accommodation handy for the bridge is at the Ibis budget hotel EH12 9DH,a twin room is £44.00 on a pay it later and late cancelation deal.
If we can pair up it makes it a cheap stopover with good transport(tram)into the city
Regards Bif

Hello men, just got back and reading “the boards” again. Good news and bad news. Good news ( for me at least ) I’m deffo up for this trip - bad news, I do a France trip every year with an On-Line bike group called UKRM which always falls on that 1st May bank holiday.
There is another one at the end of May ( for the Scots also ?) or there’s the option of taking time off work if we did a normal weekend maybe.
I’m happy to ride up on Thursday and Friday and meet at Forth bridge on Saturday morning, then visa versa on Monday and Tuesday.


sounds good to me bif let me know how you want to do this i believe it is better if one person books the lot that way it wil save on any confusion just let me know when you need payment and i will send it directly to you either by bank transfer or paypal

Scotland don’t get the later bank holiday in May,I looked at the first to try and help those of us in gainful employment not use too much of their leave entitlement up.
It’s got to work for everyone so let’s see what the others think.
Ivan and Paul are both up for it as is,Pete too.
If there is a better date let’s hear it cos nows the time to sort it.
Regards Bif

Sounds good to me. Send me the dates and we can fix it.

Im easy on dates and will go with the flow. :slight_smile:

Of course you must go with the general consensus. Especially those poor souls who still have to work :wink:
I will possibly be doing the Western Isles at the end of May and beginning of June anyway. I take it that Hulme End will still be held towards the end of August again in 2016 ?


So if you’re possibly doing the western isles at the end of May Martin,would moving the trip to the bank holiday at the end of the month make it more or less possible for you?Im confused

Bif, I’ve decided I will forego the UKRM trip for this one in early May - so count me in please. Would it be better to take this “off-line” for the details which are bound to be flowing from now on about this trip i.e. deposits and questions about route / accommodation etc ? Perhaps we should P.M. you our email address or “Whatsapp” mobile number?
Obviously we’ll keep the headline info on this site.


It would be great to have you along Martin,one of the reasons for looking at the ibis hotel apart from price and proximity to FBR is the booking system they employ.If we have a fair idea of numbers I will book the rooms now at £44.00 for a twin.there is no deposit to pay and we can cancel the day before without charge.
On this basis I was proposing booking 4 rooms for Friday and 3 for Sunday as myself and GMCC are only 90 miles from home on the return leg.
I’m more than happy to discuss routes and the Saturday stop off point online,have a look at Aviemore and Fort Augustus both have excellent facilities for our needs,either way the run down the A82 is not to be missed.
I realise that both you and Paul have the long haul North,so I am looking at keeping the miles both days sub 300 with Sunday if we are at Fort Augustus being under 200 back to FRB.
I popped down to Donnington for the final round of the GT3 championship on Sunday a round trip of 460 miles,I knew I had done it on Monday morning so won’t be going silly with miles when some still have a way to go on the Monday.
Best regards Bif

had a word with philjo the other day, he’s good for the Scottish trip too… marmite, will be good to see you on the vf again, you need to fix that front brake before scotland though ;D ;D

seems like walkers are fetching the oldies back,

Thanks Pete, love the pic !!! ;D
Truth is I’m only coming because you owe me a pint.


think it was a half matey ;)… fancy trying to con a yorkshire man into parting with beer money, although i may learn a little about frugality when we are north of the border ;D

Depending on the work, I’m tempted by the Scottish tour on a week or a ten day trip… (Call at a friend in Dieppe for a night, stay with my cousins in Kent for a day or two, then join Marmite and Paul for the north ride, have a stop in Lille at an other friend’s place and an other stop in Paris for an IRL meeting with some VF club members seems an enticing proposition)

Fred you are very welcome to join us on our Scottish soirée,I am looking at setting a date for fixing the final numbers and booking accommodation for us all.
We are at seven confirmed plus yourself,Johnboy is planning his wedding for May so that may be it.
If we can be booked for the end of November we will have the pick of what’s available.
Regards Bif

Hi Bif i will pm you my mobile number so you can keep in touch regarding accomodation and payment, can you let me know if you receive my pm