vf meet 2015 hulme end.


I’m really jealous of you lot. Just thinking about riding round those Peaks wih a lovely pint in the “Manifold” pub in the evening is making me green with envy. I took the old FE out this morning and what a joy and now my son has borrowed it cos he intrigued to know what all the fuss is about.



yes martin, it is a shame you wont be chugging around the derbyshire country side with us this time, dont worry about the beer in the manifold, ill have a few pints on your behalf ;)… i think this year will be our biggest turn out yet with 6 definite’s and a few maybe’s.

Anyway martin, hope to catch up with you at the stafford show in october, that’s if your not jet setting around the globe, as usual 8)


Thanks Pete, I ( nearly ) always make sure the “jetting around” doesn’t interfere with my real joy in life and that’s the bikes. Yes, I’ll be at the Stafford show again this October. I’ll be there with the other bike lads I mix with i.e. the UK CX club. See you there.


Looking forward to tackling one of those 20 ounce steaks and a few beers at the Manifold ;D
Still waiting for my wheels from the tyre fitter ???


20 ounce steaks yippee ;D ;D ;D


Have a great time - very jealous!

Can’t make it this year - but I will at some point! 8)



Starting to feel more confident about this trip,I was always going to be there but was concerned I may have had to turn up on the Blackbird.
The contingent from oop North,that is GMCC,Johnboy and myself are setting of at noon,which is as early as I can get away from work.
Final route not yet confirmed,but will be either Macclesfield and down to Buxton or M6 lymm and across.
Look forward to seeing all who make it there.
Regards Bif


great bif, looking forward to seeing you and the Scottish crew there, myself and philjo are planning on getting there mid afternoon, should give us plenty of time to get the tents pitched before the rain starts :).
The rocker arms which i sent to SEP Kegworth in june, which were only going to be 2 weeks, are now ready :o, so its out with the engine and in with the new rockers this week, hope this quietens the FF/FE’s noisy top end, if it all goes horribly wrong ill have to take my newly redesigned vfr750 rack and indicators off and fit them to the FE and come on that…
looking forward to seeing all who make it there, either for the full weekend, or anyone who fancies just dropping in for a few hours.



Gonna take me 2 and a half hours from mine. Cant get away on Friday till 1730 so Hulme by 2000. Or first thing Sat morn. Pete I have your number will text when I know.

:-\ :-\ :-\


no problem ivan,

ill see you when you land, the phone reception is at best pretty poor, in fact the last couple of years its been nil…may be better this year with 4G though… there is wi-fi at the pub

catch you at the weekend.


This just gets better,steak beer bikes and no phone signal it just gets better and better.
Only one more sleep
Regards Bif


Well thats another successful hulme end meet over, For me everything started off in a rush, I had originally decided that i was going on the ff/fe project bike, i put some long hours in to get the reconditioned rocker arms in, but alas the the tappety noise was still there, so 2 hours before i was due to set off i decided to go on the fe, this meant changing the rack and indicator set up off the ff/fe over to the fe, I had just got the bike finished when phil arrived, so it was a quick dash round packing everything up and loading the luggage on,
We eventually set off about an hour late, had a good run down there, other than the M1 being blocked at junction 29, so we headed off the motorway, through chesterfield, out to matlock then onto hulme end arriving at the camp site about 2.00, pitched the tents up in the usual spot over looking the pub, By this time i was starting to feel a little hungry and realised that i had not fetched anything to nibble on, so we headed out to Hartington to pick up some supplies, 2 bacon and sausage sandwiches later i was feeling full again.
Sometime around 4.00 i looked over at the pub car park and noticed the front wheel of a bol’dor poking out from behind a stone building, ten mins later Bif came marching onto the camp site, after a brief chat we all shuffled off down to the pub where john and graham were just quaffing the top off a pint of cronenberg, introductions done and it was time to try a few pints, Paul and ivan arrived in the pub just as we were ordering our food, Ive got to say that was an absolutely topping evening, all 7 of us on one table, loads of beer, and banter… The bar staff comented next day that they had never sold as much cronenberg in one evening before, I think we all new we had overdone it a little the next morning.
Anyway Saturday morning we decided to have a ride out, a lack of directional skill and traffic on my part meant the group got split up, eventually we all managed to arrive at Matlock bath where one of the funniest things ive seen in a while happened, we were all sat supping tea out side a cafe when a guy on a ducati pulled out from a parking space, decided to pull a wheelie right in front of us, the bike slipped out of gear, revving its nuts off, bumped up the kerb, back onto the road, nearly spitting him over the front end, just like the famous “randy mamola save” only at about 10 mph… followed by a huge cheer from the on lookers… priceless.
Saturday evening in the pub passed a little more sedately, still good fun but not half as much beer, i think we were all still recovering from the previous evening
Sunday morning we all packed up after a good breakfast at the pub, Ivan had had to leave earlier on the Saturday, Paul headed off on his journey across country towards Norwich, myself, phil, bif, john and graham all headed back up north, calling in at Squires for a pit stop and refreshments,
All in all a fantastic weekend spent in good company, drinking,eating,biking…If next years is half as good as this years, it will be one not to miss.

Hulme End 2015

Pit stop at Squires


Hi all great write up Pete, yep i thoroughly agree with your comments what a great weekend and what great company
I had a uneventful ride home and the bike did not miss a beat, Thorougly enjoyed the company and the roads were great , I will certainly be there next year but will splash out on a b&b this time I would like to thank all you northern gents for making me feel so welcome and to hope i can find someone from this kneck of the woods to ride up with next time. I am considering the Scotland trip but it may have to be over a few days as it will be 2 full days to ride up there and back and i could do with at least a couple of days in between otherwise it would not be worth it my vf used about half a litre of oil to do 540 miles in total and i need to refoam my seat as my buttocks feel slightly on the tender side at least i hope it was the seat and not when that cyclist tried to turn right 3 feet in front of me when i was doing 40 mph, all your bikes put mine to shame and sounded considerably quieter on the head front than mine. I hope you all made it safely home and look forward to meeting you all again will practice on the kronenberg, I am a bit of a light weight these days


Great night, good company, loads of beer and bike talk. Roll on the next meet.

Got home ok. Sorry i missed the squires visit.


What a fantastic weekend that was,7 members made the trip in total which made for a very lively Friday night.
No rain over the weekend was good news for the guys camping and meant dry roads for the Saturday run out and the trip home.
Sunday saw the reoccurrance of my battery problem.After a bit of investigation at Squires cafe a very melted regulator rectifier was surgically removed.
My thanks go to both Phil and Pete who shot off home to fetch a spare and some jump leads.Fitting the regulator and jumping the battery got her up and running and within 5 mins there was enough in the battery to start off the button,the rest of the journey passed without incident.
This was my first meet but it certainly wont be the last,brilliant company,great bikes,first class location and perhaps just a little too much Kronenbourg.
I along with the rest of the guys had one or three for Marmite so he wasnt left out
Regards Bif


Hi all. Couldn’t agree more with Bif, Paul, Pete and Ivan. Had a great weekend the Crack and riding were Brilliant. Weather was great, roads great, company excellent, Accomodation spot on , Beer very good and entertainment provided by Ducati man simply outstanding. Hope to do it all again with the exception of the Saturday morning Hangover.
Really sorry to have not said Tarra to Ivan. Was a pleasure to meet you all.


Despite not being able to make it this year, I’m really pleased things went well. Sounds like we might have finally got “lift off” for an annual event which gets supported by a good cluster of VF 's. Very noble of you Bif to down a few pints on my behalf - no doubt, being the true and proud Scotsman you are, I’ll be getting the bill through the post later !!
Pete, booted this years into life around November ( if my memory serves me ) so those who want to book into the Manifold pub for 2016 ( instead of camping ) will need to be contacting them very soon after that to avoid disappointment.
Well done to all those involved


thanks pete, u said it all. great company beer food and roads
what can i say. hope to see u north of the border.