vf meet 2015 hulme end.

Oh dear, Houston I have a problem. I had Hulme End nailed firmly into my fixtures list i.e. 28th / 29th and 30th of August and then a very dear friend of mine tells me his 60th is right across that weekend and being held in Warsaw where he is now living. There are few things I would shift the Hulme End booking for but for me this is one of them. So for those of you who have expressed an interest in coming to this event you have the opportunity to finally get rid of me “sorry pal, you’ve blown it for this year” or allow me to ask if we might move the date to 11th / 12th and 13th of September ? I have contacted Pete and Phil who have been there along with me to the previous two times we’ve held this and they’re OK with the change of date but its Humph, Bif and Evansive plus any other silent attendees if you’d mind if we changed it please ? :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

No probs for me, that w/e is empty, following one on hols. 8) 8)

Thanks Evansive, didn’t want to put off any new participants so your response is encouraging. Cheers

That works for me too.

I may have a Sealed Knot event over the original weekend, this allows me to do both.

Great news Humph. Look forward to meeting you - and hearing about the Sealed Knot experience.


I’ve booked a room at the hotel for the two nights,will need to see if I can cancel and if GMMC can make the alternative dates as we were going to share.
Also Johnboy was on his O week and was up for the trip too.
Will see what’s possible and talk it over at Stafford
Regards Bif

Sorry for the inconvenience BIF - will talk on Saturday.

Just heard about the change of date for the Hulme End meet. I was definitely going to be there as it coincided with my 10 days off. As a shift worker my social life is dictated by my shift rota but I thought this was going to be one I could get to. I am at work all this weekend so missing Stafford, again. Hey Ho, That’s life I suppose. Feel for bif mind, he’s already booked.

It looks to me which ever way this goes someone will be disappointed, if we stick with the original dates marmite and humph wont be able to attend, and if we go with the later dates frew and possibly bif and gmc will miss out.

Is there any reason why we can’t have 2 or 3 events a year, one mid summer, one early season. then at least everyone who wants to attend will get the chance. we could even have them at different venues up north or down south…

I can do both dates. It’s just that I can do something else if the date changes.

Lets be clear, the original weekend hasn’t definitely changed yet. I was just putting out feelers to see if it might be able to be. As I understand the present situation, Humph can make the new date, as can evensive but not sure if “frew168” is saying he can or cannot ??? and Bif may be able to change if his hotel is amenable.
Lets see how the dice tumbles.


i have worked round this date for my hols with wife.
why does the date have to change. alot of us have made
arrangement and may be out of pocket if they change, these
dates were put up on december 30th to give plenty of notice
and to make sutible arrangements.
i hope to see you all at the arranged date thanks.

OK this is the definitive post on the dates for Hulme End - [b][i]we will be staying with the 28th / 29th and 30th of August.
[/i][/b]Bif is unable to change his hotel dates and obviously others have earmarked that weekend anyway so I’m the loser ( nothing unusual for me ) and wont be able to make it reluctantly
We might be looking at a second 2015 event in the south west of Scotland later in the year and after Hulme End. Dates will be proffered after Bif has done some investigating - so watch this space.


I will be there on the 28 and will be camping, will be nice to meet the rest of you and to see Pete again

regards Paul

By, this trip seems to be planned for ages. Doesn’t seem to get any closer…we need another ride out soon.

hi evensive,
i couldn’t agree more, probably best to start another thread off to see if anyone else has any thoughts on where we should go, and when.

Only another 34 days to go and counting, this year seems to have gone by in a flash, need to get a rack sorted or ill end up with everything bungie’d to the seat like last year, which isn’t a problem with the fe, but my ff hasen’t got any side rails to fasten to,
looking forward to catching up with you all there,

In the same boat Pete. Will suss summit. :o :o

Are we nearly there yet?? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Yes… not long now. Hope the weather is a bit better than last week’s …