Vf1000.com T shirts

Hi paul, I’ll put those on the list :+1:

Still keen to have 2 x Large shirts. By idea yet as to cost?

Hi legeropiedi, our hands are tied, the printing firm that was initially approached by davf regarding the designing and printing of these shirts is not answering there emails, I’m pretty sure that they will be classed as a non essential business and there for closed due to the coronavirus, as soon as daVF hears back from them we will be able to finalise the design, price etc.
We will let everyone know asap.


Best looking VF? Surely you mean blue and silver?

Could you add me to the list of customers please?

Two shirts, XXXL (52" chest).

Bike magazine’s sizing was small, medium, large, extra large, extra extra large and beergut.

2 x

Hi Pete, i placed a shirt order a while ago but just looking at my wording could be misleading. I’m after 1= Large shirt. Cheers Tony

Hi tony,
I spoke to davevf a couple of days ago, he is going to try and contact the shirt manufacturer who has been in lockdown, we will update this post as soon as possible and take everyone’s exact orders then,

So, news in on the shirts, davevf has managed to get in contact with the printers,
Looks like the shirts will be £15 each plus post and packing, a sample shirt is being prepared for dave who has done all the sorting out for this to happen,
Word from the printer is that you will be able to order your shirts direct from him, basically you will email your order to him, he will calculate your invoice plus p&p.
We will put all the details on how to order, on here as soon as the sample shirt has arrived.

Hi Pete, I met a printer a few months ago who said he could do decals for the R which he delivered on Friday and they look really good. He said he can do the t shirts printed on a cotton shirt if we want rather than the football shirt material.

Good to here Gary, I’m not sure where we are with the shirts, last I heard dave was waiting for an email from the printers…

At last, some good news, the vf1000.com T shirts are now available.
Below is a link to the web page of the shirt supplier, all the details are on the page regarding sizes, prices ect,


Thanks to Dave for sorting this out, been a long haul due to the covid situation, :+1:

Thanks Pete for keeping folk up to speed with the shirt saga. I must apologize for my absence.

I ought to say that the picture of the shirt shown in the web link is a visual mock-up not a picture of a finished shirt. The original shirt I have I think looks better in that there is no black box around the main text on the front, owners is in silver and the sleeve logo is in the middle of the arm not the front. At the risk of some ridicule to try and give a better idea of what it’s like here are some pictures of myself filling the shirt…


The shop did say as they are set up for providing kit to sport teams it’s better for them to get multiple orders for a number of shirts rather than the odd 1 here and there so they can order the base shirts in some kind of bulk order. So if there are a number of owners that know each other that are thinking of getting one it would be good to put them either on one order or singularly at the same time.

When the last bit of my bike gets back from paint next week I’m looking forward to finally taking my shirt out for a ride!

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Pete suggested that to try and make the ordering simpler for the shop try and send all orders in on a certain day in the month. Orders can be singular or as part of a group.

I ran this past the shop and they said ‘yes’ good idea. Suggested if orders arrive on the 19th Oct shirts would be delivered 10 working days later. This can be repeated on the 19th of following months.

He said they are very busy at this time of year but doing things this way will help.


Hi DaVF,

what is the shirt´s size you wear on the picture?
Best wishes

Hi Joe,

The shirt is an XL and I am actually just a tad under the 44 inch chest mark. This feels about right for me. There is some stretch in the fabric but at my age I didn’t fancy trying the 42 and risking the super hero look.

What I would say is that Finden Hales, who make the shirt, quote the chest width of the shirt itself when lying flat. If you compare this with a shirt you have it may help a little more. My XL shirt is exactly 60cm across the chest.


Hope this helps.



Will be putting my order in sunday evening so it’s in there inbox monday morning


I think I’ll be able to call it job done on this when somebody’s tshirt arrives other than my own!

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