VF1000F Strip & Rebuild

Pictures of the old girl on arrival home, cross dressing with an ‘R’ model.

Nearly stripped down

Engine, newly painted frame and helper[:D]

That engine stand looks handy. Where did ya get that?

I made it up from some 50x50 tubing, it took a couple of days of brain strain to work out the dimensions.
The bike sits on top of the frame on two pieces of 20mm thick timber(scratch protection),as you unbolt the frame section on the left side you can attach two of the engine supports, then support the engine on a jack underneath while you remove the main bike frame and attach the other supports.
It works quite well although could be slightly lower as it was a bit of a job to get the bike up on it to start with.
I remember celebrating with a couple of beers when I finally had the engine out!
I can post a couple more pictures and dimensions if anyone is interested.

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More pictures and dimensions please.
I´m going to take my motor out nest winter and this is something I must have.

Gunnar Már

No problem, I’ll do it this weekend!


Pics and dimensions posted as a new topic ‘In the shed’

I made one of these on work one night shift…[;)]…almost identical to yours planty…When I’d finished the rebuild I threw it in the skip…just taking up room…[:D]

Ha Ha, yes, this one started life as fence posts, now a bike stand, not sure if it will have a third life, maybe with a nice top on it I could use it as a coffee table[:D] Hmmm… don’t think that idea would be too popular with the other half tho!

Well these pictures were a long time coming, I have finally finished rebuilding the engine, only a couple of small tidy up jobs and it’s into the frame it goes!

Work done includes;
Transmission ‘back cut’
New bearings, pistons, rings, cam chains and guides
Heads overhauled with new exhaust valve guides
Cams and rockers hard faced and reground (with a freckle more bite!)
Oil mod kit
Clutch plates
New oil seals etc

Now for the rest of it !!

Hi,good looking engine, like the drill and tap oil mod. How much of a freckle was done to the cams, was any porting done on the heads? who did the cams etc.
I have a spare engine and was thinking of upgradeing a little here and there but need more info on what works.


The cams only had a little extra, about 20 thou more lift and about 10 degrees more duration. They were done here in Australia by Waggott cams
who classed it as a ‘sports grind’ roughly the same as a stage 2 cam that Dave Dodge in the US sells.


No porting and polishing but as I will be running with a sports exhaust I will re jet the carbies, so still more fun to be had with that!

The drill and tap mod was supplied by Dave Dodge, It took him over 6 months to send the kit, in the end I gave up on it ever arriving! There are no brackets supplied with it and the hoses are a bit long so not sure if I will end up going back to a spin on type in the end as it just doesn’t fit that well.


A bit more progress, I have the engine back in the frame now.

G’day Planty

Looks great ! Can i have a bit of info on the shocker , whats it off ? where did you get it ? how much was it ?
Did you do any mods to fit it ?
It looks shit loads better than the original .


Great post, bike looks good so far, keep us updated with new pics!


Looks great ! Can i have a bit of info on the shocker , whats it off ? where did you get it ? how much was it ? Did you do any mods to fit it ?

G’day Bluey, the shock is from a CBR600F3, I got it from Jamie Daugherty

He modified the lower end and fabricated some new brackets so it will fit a VF. He also replaced the spring with a new one to suit my weight and added a bit of preload, total cost $300 delivered.

I had to nibble a tiny bit from the frame for the reservoir outlet and will also have to modify the coolant bottle with the aid of a heat gun to allow the remote reservoir hose to get past it. I didn’t realise that I needed to do that when I bought it and in hindsight may have got one without the remote reservoir to make fitting easier.
He has a list of suitable donor shocks on his website.

Great post, bike looks good so far, keep us updated with new pics!

Thanks Peter, I was pretty bloody pleased to finally have it starting to look like a bike again!!

Front wheel and forks are now back on, I’ve installed Racetech Gold Valve Emulators and a new set of Sonic springs in the forks.

Man that front rim was a pain to clean up, too many nooks and crannies!

Rear wheel and collector on, plus a few more smaller jobs done.

Top Job Planty

Turning out rad man I cant wait to see the rest.

really really nice Tony.Looks a very impressive re-build and cant wait to see it finished.