VF1000F2 crank bearings

Hi guys,

this is my first post here.
I’m in need of non-grooved crank bearings for center journals (#2 and #3). In VF1000R parts fiche, I found part No. 13325-MB6-680 and 13325-MB6-681 for brown bearing shells. Do these bearings fit to F2 as well? And, are those numbers for upper and lower bearing halfs? If yes, which number represents the lower part?


HI argo,13325-mb6-680 fit the F2.You need two bearings per journal,top and bottom are the same.Regards BIF

thank you for early reply. Sadly my parts supplier has only 13325-MB6-681 on stock. He mentioned 13325-MB6-680 were superceded to 13325-MB6-681.
Any significant differences between them?
If I understand you correctly, both upper and lower shells should have 3 oil holes in them.

Hi Argo, and greetings from northern neighbour. When I overhauled my engine, finding the bearings was not an easy task, but I managed. I believe that the 681 fits ok, I found out that Honda reduced the amount of different bearings in their selection. I cab check my F parts fiche to be 100% sure.

that would be perfectly fine, thanks.


The 681 is a Honda superceed number and will fit fine.Top and bottom shells are identical so will have the same amount of oil holes in both.Regards BIF

Could anybody confirm the shells are 20mm wide?


I just measured an old set of -86 WF1000R bearings (not shells, sorry): other set was around 16,9 mm, and other around 17,3 mm, I do not remember which were main and which were conrod bearings. 1985 F, F2 and R bearings are same, and the -681 us updated version like BIF confirmed.

hi, just measured a set of old ff and fe shell bearings (grooved and non-grooved) and can confirm they vary between 16.84 and 16.94, the con rod bearings are non-grooved and 17.24 aprox,

Thank, guys.
Just for your information, if one day stock main bearing shells are NLA, modern Kawasaki ZZR1400 bearing shells could be adapted.
They are 38/41mm, width 17 mm, non-grooved.

here is the documentation for the vf1000f and zzr1400 main bearing sizes, ive decided to tag it onto this old posting as the main idea came from agro, i can’t vouch for how easy or hard it is to either grind the bearing locating lug off or, notch the engine cases to accept the lug as i have not need any mains since they have been in short supply… i would certainly try it if it were my only option.

vf1000f main bearing sizes

zzr1400 abs main bearing sizes

zzr1400 abs bearing identification and part numbers.

Many thanks for this very useful post, Pete!
We have to see if the mains are the same width but if so or if they’re wider machining them to match won’t be a problem for a skilled enginer with the right tools!

hi fred,
thanks, if the opportunity arises i will try get hold of a few zzr1400 main shells to check the width, i think agro states they are 17mm, i checked a few vf shells i had and measured them between 16.84 and 16.94,
it maybe that there is a difference in width between journals on the zzr as 1/3/5 journals have different part numbers to journals 2 and 4, or it could be down to oil holes or some other factor.

Hi Pete and Fred I have pulled my engine down and I have found the marks on the rear of the crank case but my shells have no colour code left on them a few are slightly discoloured where the top coating is wearing thin the main worry is the left main shell that flops around in the cases and is not round when you join the 2 halves together it is oval but crank and cases appear un marked how else can I identify the shell size with no colour on side

regards paul

hi paul,
the letter on the back of the engine casing is for the outside diameter of the bearing, and the painted numbers on the crankshaft is for the inside diameter, (pictured below) then cross reference them with the vf1000 bearing chat posted earlier… the painted numbers on the crankshaft tend to rub off fairly easily, if they are its a sure fire bet someone else has had the engine apart,
if the numbers are rubbed off you may be able to get an engineer to measure them, but its down to thousandths of a mm

P.S. the bearing sizes could be all different along one crank

good luck

cheers Pete I will check

VF Pete, Im new on here and this thread is over 6 years old but you posted some identification and part numbers for zzr14 that correlate with vf1000r crank bearings…I was wondering if you still had those numbers as I cant see what you posted…maybe its too old or something…been trying to rebuild my bike for two years and only now starting to make a dent in things…thanks in advance for any help you could give.

Hi kevin, I will have the stuff somewhere, I’ll have a look for it in next couple of days,
From memory the zzr1400 bearings locating lug is on the wrong side, so required a new groove fileing in the crankcase halves to accept the locating lug,
There maybe other option out there.

Hey Pete…I already started my little experiment by ordering a few zzr crank bearings for a 2012 14r and they are waaaaay huge…LOL…they have a 20% restocking fee at the kawasaki shop so I think it might get sorta expensive before I stumble upon the right year…LOL thanks for looking though and if you do run across your findings you had Id love to see them!

Patients is a virtue, its 6 years since I did this, I’ve had 2 computer changes in that time. I will find the info.
Is it main bearings or con rod bearings your after ?