YSS shocks Discounted

Hi all,
I’ve had an email from Brook Suspension in Bradford and they are offering YSS Shocks with a 10% discount. This comes out at £260 for my 1985 FF which is rather nice. Any of you lads used a YSS? If so what are your thoughts?

thats the same price i paid on ebay for my vf1000fe 1984 nice shock fully rebuildable

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Installed a YSS on one of my 86 VF1000Rs that I did a wheel swap on.

I like it a lot. Worthy upgrade.

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I have a yss on the rear of the boldor, at £260 it’s good value for money and will be loads better than a 30 year old original, however, I had to have the spring changed on mine as the original one was way too stiff for my 13 stone weight,
I found the damping adjuster to be a bit vague, sometime you turn it and it clicks, sometimes it doesn’t,

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Pete, I don’t think I’ll need a softer spring pal :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: I will order one of these on Friday and see what Brook’s think about spring rate. Thanks all for your input. I would have liked a Wilbers but this one suits my meagre budget :wink:

I’ve got one on my 1000R. I used the “F” Version as it is 5 mm longer, because the CBR Wheel has less Diameter compared to the original one. It works well, also with my wife behind me.

As you have an 85 model it should fit. Honda changed the frames between 84 and later models (F and R). This would result in 2 types each, but they only offer one version.


I bought the +5 version as well. And then also used most of the adjustable positive ride height.

Their application chart isn’t great, I notice some discrepancies. So double check the part numbers to make sure you’re getting the length you want and correct mounts.

Thanks Axel and Captain, I will check.

He Pete that spring may be a bit weak for me. Lol


Than the bike is too weak for you …

One week ago I made a trip with my wife and the YSS shock absorber works fine. Together we exceed maximun load for the VF.

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