How many VF's do the Forum members own ?


You sound if you have the VF virus very bad ! I thought your government only allowed a maximum of 100 bhp for motorcycles - how do you get around that ?



The 100bhp law is relevant only to motorcycles put on the road after december 31 1985 that’s why my 1984 VF1000R sc16e was first registered on dec 27 1985.
I reckon that the administration is relaxing a bit about the rule these days because I asked them about an other sc16G I was fancying 6 months ago and they didn’t object…
All my 1986 models are 106BHP legal… on the paper!


Hi Fred,
I am a Francofile and particularly the roads for motorcycling. Last weekend I took my FF across with a load of friends on bikes and toured East Normandy - based in Dieppe.
I must say the famous French attitude to bureaucracy seems to have died and there are some very strange motoring laws which most people in France see as a joke but accept it without a fuss ! The latest madness is the reflectors on motorcycle helmets !
Where are you based ?



Hi Mart,in
I live in Dordogneshire, just outside Périgueux… Here,our average sunday ride brings us to Sarlat,Les Eyzies,Rocamadour,Bergerac,Brantôme… And when the mood is “à l’arsouille” -hard to translate, sort of fighting spirit I gess- Jumilhac le Grand a very nice,clean,near empty,twisting road free of speed traps (some of us in the club are Men In Blue, it helps a lot to avoid them). And, of course, we know where to stop for a good lunch at a special discount price!


“all arse’ole”?


Well it’s sorta kinda close!


Thanks Fred, I know that area reasonably well - stayed at Souillac last summer ( in the car unfortunately) but of course did Rocamadour etc.
Also stayed near Monpazier several years ago when the family were younger and last year went on my other bike ( a 650 CX ) down with a load of other bikes to Poitier where a CX forum member lives. It was a great few days and topped off by watching some bike racing at Cuicuit du Val de Vienne.
If youre French your English is extremely good, if youre British then I envy you coz I suspect youre an ex pat living the dream. Next time I,m planning a bike trip to France Ill include Dordogne - shire and drawl over those bikes you have.
Cheers Martin


Martin, you’ll be welcome here for your next stay!
I’m French but a long time ago I used to work in England (at the Perkins plant and for Christian Salvesen both in Peterborough). I’m very fond of England,let alone the weather.Number of british people live here but, unfortunatly, they don’t mix much.


OK Fred, you`ve got a deal. The same applies in return of course.
Peterborough is not the prettiest of towns any more but it is the centre for magazine publishing particularly the “old timer” bike ones.
I work from home in Swindon but our office is in Northampton which is not far from Peterborough. #



40 years ago, Peterborough was a very nice town to live in, may be 'cos I was just 18 by then, road racing brit bikes (later jap and Italian bikes),spending far more time in the workshop than on the track to squeeze the last droplet of power out of a long obsolete piece of iron… but it was great, just great!
You were too kind, Martin, my english is quite rusty by now and I’m quite rusty too!


Fred, I raced 1) Honda CB500 `73 model in production racing. It had Yoshi cams and that was all - not even rear set foot pegs ! 2) Air cooled Yam RD 250 in Production racing and finally 3) a TD 250 . Dropped the RD250 spectacularly at Brands - when the leaders lapped me and the wind as they passed caused me to fall off !!

Great fun - seems like yesterday but actually a lifetime ago.



Hello Martin,
I started racing with 750 Royal Enfield in march 1970 (I was just 16) at Lapize -Montlhéry-. Then, I switched to a highly modified Ariel 500 single with HS cams,350 flywheels (for shorter stroke) and a resleeved cylinder bored out to 85mm and machined crankcases. It was very fast and quite powerful (for a 500 single)but,alas,fragile. Yamahas 350 TD3,TR3 and TZ followed while I raced a bunch of 750 Laverdas SF and SFC. I even had a TZ700 but gave up serious racing in '76 when a crash at a good 40MPH [xx(] on London’s North Circular that sent me to Barnett General Hospital with serious spine injuries. I went back to road racing in the late 80’s in the classic race “la Bataille des Twins” with, one more time, a 750 Laverda SFC… I was considering having go at the “Bol d’Or Classic” but it involved too much time and money. Yet, the bug has bitten again and I think that my derelict SC20 will be an adequate substitute, when correctly dressed, to an over expensive RC30…


Just 1 and a half here - one VF1000F-II Bol d’Or and a second rolling chassis with logbook and numerous parts that I acquired when re-building mine…



I currently own an 84 VF1000RE (Aussie model) and an 85 VF1000RF (Italian Import with factory oil cooler). I also had a pair of VF750FD’s but realised that it would be 6-8 years before I had time to do them up (2 VF1000R’s on list first, then CB1100FD, CB750FB, and a couple of CB900F’s came first).

The RF


The RE (you can just see my scooter hiding behind the RE)



I have a red F2F that I bought off Ebay trying to recapture the fun I had with a Bol d’Or I bought new in 1985 and sold with real regret in 1988.


My current garage. I’ve had a dozen or so V4s but this is my first interceptor.

The F has some work to be done to it but its in pretty good shape.


Beautiful Interceptor! I wish mine will look as good one day! :stuck_out_tongue:


Been away a bit, but back now. Taking the old girl to Le Mans Moto GP this year. So here’s one to add top the list. :slight_smile:


I’ve 3 so far, looking for the 4th to complete…
1985 VF750FE which is on the road, undertaking a slow rolling restoration.
1985 VF400FD which is on the road, quite tidy, on a Q plate that i’m challenging DVLA to get changed.
1985 VF1000 Bol D’or which i picked up sunday, which i’ll be restoring.

I’m looking for the 500F to add to the collection, but they seem to be pretty rare!


Hi guys, new here, first post ever. In Canada with '85 vf1000f, white and red with blue stripes. Still runs strong, though a little hard to start when hot. Owned for 20 yrs still love at first sight.