How many VF's do the Forum members own ?


hi eliot,
welcome in, glad your still liking liking the bike after all these years, they can be a little addictive


I have an F2F Bol Dor…


Just registered 2.nd VF (-86 1000F2) - good reason for me to to came back into this Forum. Hope to get this bold´or into Veteran Register some day… but lets first enjoy short and beautiful summer or Finland.

Another VF1000f I´ve owned since 2006, it get´s into 30 years veteran age this year, but it needs a bit more restoration and overhaul.

Lucky to have work collegues at UK, now every time they come to visit Finland´s office I will ask them to smuggle some VF parts…


I have a vf 1000 bol d’or still runs very well


I have 1 x Bol D’or with 14k on it from new, that should be back on the road soon.
1 x VF750FE currently on the road and in daily use.
1 x VF400FD currently on the road and in daily use.
At some point i’ll add a 500 and magna to the mix as well no doubt.


In my shed I have an almost pristine original 1985 blue/silver VF1000F. I also have another one the same which I’m building as an historic race bike. The first outing planned is a one hour race in September.
Then there’s the 1 1/2 86 F2s in pieces.
Other bikes include recently restored Ducati 851, 1971 Norton Commando 750, 2004 Honda Blackbird (in CB1100R colours), 1989 Honda RS250 GP bike, a 2011 ZX-10R superbike which my 17-year-old son races, and lastly a Honda Benley CB110.
I’ll post some pics when I get around to it.


Teambif have just added another Bol Dor and another FE to the fleet.
The Bol arrived today and has had a few jobs done already,
The FE is coming by courier so I haven’t actually seen the bike in the flesh,hope the surprise is not an unpleasant one!!!


hi bif,
its nice to see you back active on the forum as you were one of the founding members, i often wonder where some of the original members have disappeared to, like tinytim from sheffield, he’d rebuilt a fe to the point of painting, then just dissapeared, wonder if he ever got it finished…

anyway back to the point, how many vf’s are in team bifs fleet.


Between PAJ and myself who are Teambif we have,
2 FEs
2 BolDors
1 RE
1 500 interceptor
Pete is in Germany but still does all the electronic wizardry from there
I am in Scotland and do my best to help out on the forum when I can.


I’m just about to add a 500 F11 to my collection which I’m hoping to have snuggled up in my garage by early Sept. Just bought a 2nd hand exhaust system from the US - Ouch ! Gotta be done though.



Nice addition to your stable,Martin! :wink: The next bike to reach my garage is not a VF,even not a Honda but a true second hand 1985 Suzuki 750 GSXR complete, original and in near mint condition…


Just added a 94 VFR750 with 27000 km to the 2 VF1000R’s.


Just added a VF500F2 to my collection now.

Just the 1100 to go, so VF400, VF500, VF750, VF1000 now.

Can’t wait to complete the set.


seems to be an upsurge in the popularity of the vf500 f11, nice bikes…

oh, and fred… i am very nearly envious of your 750 gixer… before i bought the zed i saw a 1994 gsxr 1100 advertised in one of my local shops, 2 days later i went to look at it and it had gone :’(… whats even worse, i keep seeing it flying about :’(


Selling mine if anyone wants one.D plate with 34k and a donor bike to go with it.Donor bike only any good for the motor that has only done 24k.PM me if anyone is interested.


i have a 84 usa model vf1000f and a Swiss model vf1000 ff at the moment ,rebuilding the ff and f is being used for parts at the moment


I have a '85 VF1000R, US model, VIN-Frame ends in 106.
Had an '85 VF500F some years ago, which I restored and sold to a HMC executive in Atlanta, GA.


Thanks to another forum member i’m now up to 5 x VFs

VF400FD, VF500F2, VF750FD, VF1000 Bol D’Or, and VF1000FF

Summer will be fun!


I’m the first owner of a 1986 VF1000FII sold in Rome ITALY



Cant remember if I have already replied but the VF/VFR fleet is growing.
Now up to
3 VF1000R (2x84 and 1 85)
and a beautiful 94 VFR750FR with only 28,000 km.