How many VF's do the Forum members own ?


Hi guys,

just retrieved a VF1000 f2 Bol Dor (1985) out of my brothers garage. Surprisingly it looks not too bad, but then l haven’t started to investigate what’s what. Was running as a daily bike until January 2000 when l had a serious accident. Has sat for the last 11 years without moving but was started up fairly regularly until about two years ago. Any ideas about where to start picking up parts?




hi paul,

welcome to the forum, i think Ebay will be your best friend, along with david silvers, wemoto, and CMS in the Netherlands…



Now up to 6 x VFs.
Hmm, which bike shall i take to work today?

1986 Honda NC13 VF400FD Standard
1983 Honda PC12 VF500F2 Standard
1985 Honda RC15 VF750FE Standard
1985 Honda SC15 VF1000 FF and VF1000F2 Bol D’or
1983 Honda PC15 VF1100C Magna


I have the 1 VF1000R and use to own a modified VF700F that I bought new back in 1985 which is pictured.

Bought new 1985:

Same bike modified in 1987:

Lately I have been having an itch for a smaller one VF like the 1st pearl white or color VFR750F. I would be ok with a VF750F as well.

Once I finalize my VF1000R with a twin headlight I will have to start looking for one in my price range. As long as the bike is whole my labor will make it a new bike all over again.


Only 3 VF1000R’s and a 94 VFR750F.


If you’re thinking of getting a VF500 (in the UK) then I think now is the time. Classic Motorcycle Mechanics featured one in Dec edition centre fold which is usually an indication they’re on their way up the collectable ladder.


I have a 85 Boldor just perfect


Hi Santos, welcome and what a good choice you made with the Bol. I was recently at the MC Piston Rally near Santander ( see internet ) which was amazing although the weather was very “un-Spanish”. See if you can make either September or June rallies which they hold each year. Incidentally there was a beautiful VF500 there this year ridden by an elderly Dutchman.



I’m bringing back my VF1000RG on the road after 13 years of standing in the corner of my garage


mines got the MOT today
tax is on the way 8)


just purchaced a 1000fe project and going to get parts of another tomorrow which is being converted to a all out racer I also own a vf750s


Lets see the pics as you progress Tatter.


Two VF500F - one street (86), one race (86 with 84 engine and carbs - sucked a valve on the 86 motor). Another in project stage (85).
Plus 2 more complete parts bikes and 2 more disassembled.

1984 VF750F. One more in project stage. Plus a complete 83 VF750F and 2 more disassembled.

1984 VF1000F

1985 VF1000R
Two 1986 VF1000R

(And 4 1986 VFRs)


86 1000r…unfortunatly not registered yet. She still needs some love. ; )

Where to start!

A UK 1986 VF500F2 and an 1984 Austrian VF500F. Had to put a 86 engine in the 84 bike as cylinder 4 had a rod knock. It’s a tight squeeze but it went in.
I would dearly like one of the bigger engined bikes but no more space.


The VF1000f and the always available VF750s. I still get questions about the cam issues. I always respond with the same answer…What cam issues.


I only have one 1000F.

But I have 2 V65 Magnas, 2 V65 Sabres, a 78 CB750 and a 85 250 Rebel.


I bough my VF1000 F2 3 month a go.It has MOT to September this year.At the moment bike is on SORN.I waiting for back opperation.
BIke has 41 000 miles.


New Jersey USA here.

Two 1984 VF1000Fs on the road; both with ~ 30,000 miles, and one “in progress” with about 15,000 miles.


New on this forum, i live in Holland and have 3 VF’s running.
One bought new in 1987 a VF1000F2 bol d’or red so still the first owner.
The second is the same type but grey and is located in my holiday adresss in France. Bought it 2 years ago and after some restoring work it runs fine.
The third is a VF 500 F bougt 2 months ago and runs good but got some work to do on it to make it run perfect.