How many VF's do the Forum members own ?


Welcome Hobers,there aren’t many VFers who still have the bike they bought new.You must like Bol if you went for a second one as a holiday ride.The 500 has gained in popularity recently and is a sweet handling and nippy ride.
Regards Bif

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I’m on my second VF1000R. My first was an '85 which I sold a few years age and regretted it shortly thereafter. I allowed myself to be hood-winked by someone who claimed to be a collector and just had to have it. After several calls and visits I gave in and accepted his offer, which was reasonable for the time, and then discovered that he took to the big auction in Las Vegas. I learned from this to do my homework. He sold it for considerably more than what he paid me for it. I’m still kicking myself on this one but really love my '86.



Hi, my 1984 vf100f still on the road and booked for the trip to this years TT, fairly sure the machine will make it…not so sure about the rider. Its approaching 40k mileage and still runs well.



Hi, got an VF1000F2 from -86 In use.



Hi there New to the site i have a VF100FE white /Blue& Red had it since it was 3 years old and used it 24/7 till 14 years ago and was in storage ever since till August 2018 and its back on the road and in use.

Went for a spin last week its first long run Birmingham to Derby and you would never know it was a classic bike (in 6 years) loved it as good as it first run to Norwich in 1997.

Needed a few bits but it fired up almost first time and ran ever since after a full service.

It will be almost 100% as Mr Honda made it when i get some Marvin silencers and Mirrors and side reflectors on the radiator covers.


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Welcome to the forum John, that’s a cracking FE, one to keep hold of for the future, original unrestored FE’s are quite rare these days…:+1:



Wow, that looks nice! Any more photos?



Two, one vf1000f and one vf750s.

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Hello all:
I have an 1986 VF 1000 R 66,000mi in near showroom condition. My 2nd one. I bought it with 10Kmi. 12 years ago.
I work at the Whitehouse in Washington, D.C. (Building Manager) and I ride it to work nearly every workday of the year.
It is my favorite possession.
I have had an 84 VF1000F


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Yes i have this one from 1990’s in France and a few others ill find IMG_6528 36064774_128243934746136_5305062115604692992_n

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Vince,welcome to the forum and my condolences over your low oil incident.
You sound like a proficient owner to me so I doubt you ran the motor for long with the oil light on.
Your worries about top end damage may be unfounded as most of the bearing surfaces on the bottom end are under much more load.
My first instinct would be to fill to the correct level with oil and run the motor up to temp and see what develops.
Regards Bif



I got an engine that was running with red oil light on at german motorway (speed above 150 km/h) for several minutes. Camshafts doesn’t look nice but failure was a rod that gots loose from the crankshaft and destroy piston, valves and engine housing.



Quite appropriate and a sobering lesson to all



I’ve got some side reflectors for sale if you still need the m



OK, I have 2 in Oz but will need a and and one lower fork clamp to make the second one usable. I actually have 3 engines and a load of bits but only the 2 frames. Both are waiting until I finish restoring my 63 MGB though